What You Need To Know About The Walking Dead’s Jesus

February 22, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Last night on episode 10 of The Walking Dead we met Jesus, who gave Rick and Daryl a run for their money. Not only did Jesus put up a damn good fight, he slipped out of his restraints, stole Rick and Daryl’s ride, flew off a truck and broke into Rick’s bedroom, where he got an eye full.

jesus 1

As you probably know by now Jesus, who’s full name is Paul Rovia on the show, Paul Monroe in the graphic novels. The name change may be confusing to those who’ve read the graphic novels, but in the long run it makes sense. The Walking Dead did not want him to be confused with the Monroe family from Alexandria (Deanna ect.).

In the novels Jesus is from the Hilltop community, whose existence was unknown to the group, but we’ll learn all about that in the next episode. Things are tense over at Hilltop and Jesus is in search of outside help.

Jesus is slick, he can get out of restraints, pick locks, and well, do just about anything. On top of being crafty, he’s a total bad ass. If you crossed Glenn, Abraham and Daryl you would get Jesus. Yeah, he’s just that awesome. Not to mention, he’s a skilled fighter, and prefers to fight street style instead of a gun, but he’s good with those too, making him an ideal ally for the group.

jesus 4

photocat jesus

For the female fans, something else stands out about Jesus, he’s very attractive. Those pale blue eyes (swoon)! Speaking of his appearance, AMC really nailed it, finding the real-life version of the graphic novel’s character can’t be easy. But they got it right this time.

Jesus/Paul Rovia (Paul Monroe in the comics) is played by Tom Payne. Payne has starred in several films and shows, including DxM, New Worlds, The Physician, My Funny Valentine, The Task, Wuthering Heights, and Skins. I think he’ll be a fantastic addition to the cast.

jesus 5

I won’t tell you any more. I would hate to spoil the upcoming episodes.


See Jesus in action in these clips from last night’s episode.

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