WATCH SCYTHE’ Now! The Newest Slasher Film to “Break All The Rules”

May 2, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG


Scythe’ the newest slasher film that claims to “break all the horror movie rules”. We were sent this slasher film for review and to build awareness of it before it’s Kickstarter runs out [which runs out in 2 days].

Opening to two teens/20 somethings smoking joints as one of them leaves the other turns on the tv, a report of escaped serial killer, Ronald Wade, dubbed “The Grim Reaper Killer” was top story on the news. As the absent girl [Amy] makes her way back home, the escaped serial killer tracks her down and in a jump worthy scene she gets offed.

Words from the director:
“The film is called SCYTHE. It’s a psychological SLASHER THRILLER in the same vein of Halloween, Saw & Hitchcock. While the genre seems like it has been done to death, OUR FILM is unique: IT’S REAL. IT’S REALISTIC. It’s realistic in setting and realistic in tone. The film has a human interest dramatic element that actually takes the time to focus on developing THREE DIMENSIONAL characters that actually have lives, that we actually care about and are not like the “nothing could ever happen to me because I’m invincible” teens you find in most horror films. Painstaking research was done to avoid the exceedingly annoying, eye-rolling horror film cliques the slasher genre is known for. You won’t find any characters running upstairs when they should be going out the front door, or identifying themselves by calling out “Whose There” in the dark, or tripping over absolutely nothing. They can actually run! Hehe. The film is suspense-based, intensity-based, fear-based, not gore-based. We are also employing modern technology like PERISCOPE as characters to heighten the suspense of the film.

We’ve launched Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the second half of our financing. It’s a $100,000 feature and we already raised HALF. We just need the other half!  So far we are at $15,340! We’ll make it, but we just need a little extra publicity for that extra push.”

Not much sets apart this film from other slasher films other than it takes the typical female horror victim role and reboots it, making the victim not the stumbling fool that has you in the audience screaming “GOOD YOU DESERVED IT!” but a quick thinking possible heroine victim that you’re in the audience kinda pissed off she got it. Between the infamous classic “killer chase victim” scene and the finale where The Grim Reaper Killer cuts through the mattress and kills “thought to have survived it all” Amy, [which by the way was definitely a hard sink moment and jump-a-bit worthy scene] I’m super excited for how this campaign turns out! But for now let’s see what you’ll get once you donate.


Watch the presentation here

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