Fear The Walking Dead: Captive’ RECAP

May 9, 2016


Written by Capt McNeely

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Last episode featured the Abigail being taken over briefly by a new breed of TWD self proclaimed “bad-asses” Connor and Reed’s crew. During the most recent episode which aired last night on AMC gave another dose of crazy as Reed turned into a zombie! Let me get’cha catched up

Opening to Connor feeding Alicia a steak, as he left, the pregnant lady took away Alicia’s food and locked Alicia inside [Connor’s] ship. Alicia naturally wanted to escape so she found away to, but Jack stopped her warning her if Connor seen her trying there’d be hell to pay. As Alicia boards the bottom decks of the ship once again, we see Reed is being kept hostage in a scene on the Abigail. By the way when I say “The Abigail” I mean Victor’s yacht. Reed is being kept In a room on The Abigail, and Daniel is cleaning his wounds as he taunts Chris and him [Daniel] about how his brother [Connor] is going to come looking for him, he’s [Reed] the nice one, once Connor cuts the bounds from his [Reed] hands he’s going to mangle his [Daniel’s] daughter Ofelia, and he just went on and on as Daniel cleaned him up diligently. Which by the way kinda was not my nature. I’d literally see red and want to kill the s.o.b. Bravo to Daniel [cue applause!]. So now we see Mads and Daniel [he left Reed with Chris guarding him] searching for Connor’s boats on the radar, when they found them, they were off for their family.

Meanwhile on Connor’s boat we find Alicia getting assigned her job. Jack is teaching Alicia how to choose who lives and who dies, he teaches her to find boats big enough which in turn should loot. Jack tells Alicia to mark down the boats on the radar’s speed and cordiance and wait for Connor’s green light to jump aboard and play pirate (so to speak), as Jack explains how the “if one lives, one dies” point of view he and the rest of his “friends” go by Alicia just ate it up. Jump to the bottom of the boat we see what happened to Travis. We found out what happened to Alicia , I just typed what happened to her, now let’s find out what happened to Travis. Travis is in a prison-like cage as a whoppy-haired women approaches him. As the darkness that once concealed her identity was lifted, it was revealed she was the women on the raft with the sick man [the one that Daniel, Alicia, Chris and Nick took back with them, the one Madison and Travis had the idea of tying a rope to her raft until they hit close to shore and then Victor cut the rope leaving the women and her raft floating away while she had a dying man on board, that women]. So this women named Alex [like anybody] held a vengeance to the man responsible and whoever was around when it happened, including Travis whom is now trapped in a cage. Travis and Alex both exchanged their testimonies to each other but Alex’s was much more bombshell filled. SHE was the one who told Connor and his gang how to get to The Abigail. When she was floating out in the middle of the ocean ready to die, Connor saved her, and in exchange she revealed where The Abigail was AND she wanted Travis to be brought to her [HELLO! Is she blind, what the f could Travis could’ve done?! Victor had a freakin’ knife for God’s Sake! What was Travis supposed to do?! Push Victor in the water for a couple of outsiders?!]. So now after Alex confessed all that, that was the end of seeing her because the rest of the episode just showed a lot of bombshells and drama and I’m here to tell you ALL about it!

By the way forgive me I did not see the Flight 462 so I didn’t notice the crossover.

During this on The Abigail, Maddy gave it to Victor for allowing Nick to venture off and pick up his [Victor’s] boyfriend Louis. During this break from the zombie apocalypse. Chris and Reed have a “man” to man talk. A talk Reed participated in with his broken personality, and deceiving words trying to make Chris some kind of distant killing machine, but Nick came to the rescue and stopped the normo to psycho brain infection, to infect. So now The Abigail is right in front of Connor’s ship, and that dumbass [Connor] thought Reed was still the big man in charge! [HA!] So Madison goes on Reed’s walkie-talkie and gives an ultimatum. “My family for your brother”, Connor accepts and so Maddy was off! But, whoa[!] gun shot! We’re back in the zombie apocalypse people! Chris shot Reed cold blood to get his manhood back [he blamed it on Reed’s turning]. As Nick and Ofelia are cleaning up the bloodshed while Chris sheds tears over his murder, Reed wakes up. But it’s zombie Reed! I gotta’ say it’s weird seeing Jesse McCarthy as a zombie I remember being like 10 watching him on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Jeez time flies I guess. So anyway Reed is now bolted down by a stepping in Daniel and then boarded onto a boat with Maddy to make an organized exchange with Connor for Alicia and Travis. As the terrorist-victim like prisoner Reed gets thrown to Connor and his crew and she [Madison] gets Travis, Reed goes on a feeding frenzy and Travis and some random Connor Follower attacks Travis and the two fight. Alicia sees this all she escapes and the crew is back together. Or is this really the end? Will we see of Connor and his goons? I sure hope not! This storyline IS the only thing so far that made season 2 interesting! Maybe in a couple episodes in a Mexican soldiers or bad-asses will hold the Fear TWD’ers hostage again?

BTW I called it! Check out my prediction on THTerrorTime.com on what I thought would happen after Alicia had that chat with Jack over the CB now

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