20 Things You Didn’t Know About Supernatural

May 12, 2016


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Supernatural, now in it’s 11th season, has a huge following. And what’s not to love? The series follows brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester as they fight demons, vampires, and other supernatural beings to keep the world safe, with the help of a rouge angel named Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley, the King of Hell (Mark Sheppard).

Here are 20 intereting facts about the beloved series.




  • Supernatural made it TV debut on The WB on September 13, 2005.




  • The series is mostly filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.


  • Jensen Ackles was originally cast as Sam, but when Jared Padalecki auditioned for the part, Ackles was recast as big brother Dean.


  • Sam’s character was originally named Sal, but the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, changed it because the name was not working for the character. I wonder why.


  • Crowley’s real name is Fergus Roderick MacLeod on the show.




  • Kripke worked on the Supernatural script for ten years before the show made it TV.


  • The brother’s original last name was Harrison in homage of Harrison Ford’s character Hans Solo. But was changed due to legal reasons. The Harrison brothers just doesn’t have the same affect as the Winchesters.


  • When the eleventh season premiered on October 7, 2015 it officially became North America’s longest-running series.


  • Supernatural was originally planned to have three seasons. On March 11, 2016 it was renewed for its 12th season.


  • Misha Collin’s angel character Castiel was only meant to make a few cameos in season 4. Due to overwhelming fan support he was made a series regular.


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  • In the show’s beginning Dean gave out his phone number while working cases. If fans called the number they reached a voicemail recording of Dean saying “This is Dean Winchester, If this is an emergency, leave me a message. If you’re calling about 11-2-83, page me with your coordinates.”


  • Padalecki is married in real life to Genevive Cortese-Padalecki who played Ruby on the series.


  • The character Jamie in the season 4 episode “Monster Movie” was named after a sick fan.


  • Almost every time the brothers pose as law enforcement their aliases are from bands or movies. Example: In season 8 Sam and Dean used Bonham & Jones, in an earlier episode they used Bonham & Plant, all four members of Led Zepplin.


  • Dean hums Metallica’s “Some Kind of Monster” when he needs to relax.


  • In episode 1-3, “Dead in the Water”, They filmed at the same lake house used in Jensen Ackles’ movie Devour.


  • Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) was only supposed to make a one time appearance.


bobby singer


  • Jeffery Dean Morgan, who played the Winchester’s father John, is now starring on AMC’s The Walking Dead as the villain Negan.

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  • Baby, the Winchester’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala, is often featured in the episodes. In real life they use not 1, but 5 Impalas are used for filming.


  • Jared Padalecki does most of his own stunts. So far, he’s dislocated his shoulder and broken his wrist on set.


  • The season 11 finale is scheduled for Wednesday, March 25th.




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