Fear The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale RECAP [SPOILER ALERT]

May 23, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Fear The Living

[ICYMI] Fear TWD’s mid-season finale was last night. Ending with bloodshed, test of the moral compass and a funeral. Bidding farewell to the posh Abigail reserve and hello to the trek of life at sea.

Opening where we left off, Chris running away after Madison and Alicia found him over them with a knife ready to get happy. As Travis is searching for his son, he makes little to no luck. As Travis searches, Cilia is on the hunt for something too. Thomas. She walks in to find a smothered Thomas and a guilty Victor. You see Victor was supposed to die with Thomas. He promised Thomas on his dying breaths. Cilia even brought them both the poison to go peacefully. When Victor didn’t go through with it that’s when all broke lose! Cilia is now TOTALLY pissed and orders for the entire clan to be thrown off the land by sun down the next day. Meanwhile Travis is still on the Huns for his son. While Nick leaves the reserve and goes out to find Zombie Louise [remember the guy that gotten shot last episode? That was Cilia’s son?]. Nick ends up finding the zomb-ifed sap and returns with him back to the reserve. Cilia in retrospect with what Nick did for her then makes a deal with Nick that his family can stay as long as they don’t kill and Strand leaves. In the meantime Daniel is losing it and freaks out telling Ofelia her dead mother is at the gate of the reserve, and when she doesn’t go he has a even bigger psychotic fit and gets himself put into solitary confinement.

The middle: Travis now hobbles to a local home which he entered believing there was a walker inside. A man came rushing out of a corner of the home speaking Spanish telling him he needed to go and he couldn’t be there. After Travis explained he was only looking for his son the man cooled down. It wasn’t until Travis was on his way out did he notice the man who claimed “no habla ingles” was faking it the entire time and could speak English. Travis noticed a light under one of the doors, when he questioned who was there the man was coy. Travis instinctively pushed the man away and broke down the door where he found his son Chris holding the man’s child hostage at gunpoint. Travis then slaps the gun from Chris’ hand. Chris completely lost it in a tearful face confessed he was “no good”. Meanwhile back at the reserve Cilia is burying Thomas whom she claims is like a surrogate son to her.

Ending: Cilia goes to Daniel to feed him and for him to confess his sins to he. As Cilia leaves Daniel alone that’s when his voices inside his mind become a reality to him. He sees his dead wife appear before him. Telling him he must confess his sins, every one, in order to set himself, as well as her, free. She tells him the way and in order for him to follow through the reserve had to go up in flames. Meanwhile Nick goes off to find Travis and Chris but when he finds them, Travis tells him to leave and forget he found them, stating his son [Chris] couldn’t be around the family at this point. Nick obeys his step dad/friend’s request and leaves him at bay. As Nick is returning back to the reserve, Madison asks Cilia to teach her the way, teach her why zomb-ified family, is still family. When Cilia brought Madison to the cage with them [zomb-ifed family] behind it, and unlocked it, opening the door and walking in, Madison left her there. Almost although testing her faith. The door was not locked, it could open with the slightest push. As Madison awaited the sound of Cilia’s screams for help, Daniel did his dead wife’s bidding. As a man came with his food, he knocked him out, broke the ropes tying him down, grabbed a gas can, and the man’s lighter and was off to raise flames. As he unlocked a cage full of zomb-ified people, their appearances morphed in his eyes. In his eyes he seen his victims. He seen the face of every single soul he killed or let be tormented at his hands in the afterlife, stare back at him. Asking for mercy. Daniel then finished the unloading of the gasoline on the ground, set fire to the stream and let the reserve burn to the ground. Madison, Victor, Ofelia and Alicia were ready to make their escape when Nick finally returned. He asked about the fire, Madison didn’t know so she didn’t answer. Nick took sides with Cilia stating they are the monsters, she thinks of them as, they ruin everything they touch. Nick runs off. Turning his back on his family. Madison, Alicia and Ofelia ended the mid-season finale losing a part of their family.

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