Recap Of Scream’s Premiere/Review “Scream After Dark”

May 31, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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“Roll credits leave the fu&@8;$ theater” -Audry

“People call me a final girl, but were were all final girls in Lakewood..
And final boys” Emma and Noah

Opening to a homage to the films’ Stab’ franchise called “Happy 100th Murdersville” [they should’ve just called it Stab]. The killer in the homage wore the Brandon James mask, so the film was based off the Lakewood massacre like Stab’ was based off the Woodsboro one. During the screening Audry gets the killer’s infamous text but blows them off thinking Noah’s behind it, when Noah says he wasn’t and he was coming to pick her up, that’s when stuff got…stabby. So everybody left the theater but there’s one lone wolf that stood back and had to take a picture with Audry because Audry was “her hero”. As the girl is taking the pic with Audry, behind them the killer sneaks into the screenings room. When Audry is going to walk the girl out, she finds her keys are gone so she brings the girl into the screening room to go out the back door..but whoa whoa.. the killer was waiting in the balcony as the girl runs out the back door. Audry runs to the theater lobby were she’s greeted by the girl that just ran out and is like we have to run, the girl gets like Billy Loomis got it Scream. So she’s dead. And if you noticed the killer’s live streaming the in Scream 4. Remember? Anyway back to earth,




Noah’s banging on the window screaming, Audry breaks the emergency case to get to the weapons and stabs the killer. He’s like stumbling back “she stabbed me”, he pulls the mask off, his supposed victim stands up “It was a prank” she exclaims. So now the cops come usher that dude away and the chick wants to have Audry arrested. But Audry didn’t because self defense vs tasteless prank always wins. So after all this and I’m going to flash forward a bit Audry gets a text from “the killer”. Can it be lil’ miss fan girl that’s pissed about her boyfriend’s stabbing? Or is she a red-Harring?




After all of this Audry went to Emma’s Welcome Home From Rehab Party, to help Emma along with everybody to forget the massacre, while she can’t seem to escape it herself. Audry gets the killer’s infamous phone call, which reveals too her that she’s going to pay for the self-defense stab job she gave too that Murdersville pranking douche. Audry blows the phone call off as a prank, then runs to Noah where she finds the comment section to Noah’s newly revealed podcast featuring the Lakewood survivors that read stuff like “I wish she [Audry] died instead of Nina” [wow who wrote that, Nina’s mom?] I thought Nina was a bitch?! During all of this Emma is trying to rekindle her relationship with Kerian…but not doing very well. She keeps having this childhood memory manifested nightmare of playing in a creepy barn with a pigs insides..gross.




Fans of the “Shake N’ Jake” LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY [!] because, not only did his short lived romance with Brooke become frayed, but also did his time on the Lakewood 6. Jake Fitzgerald, after sneaking into a restricted area to burn evidence gets caught in a bear trap and then hit in the head with a baseball bat by the killer! But that’s not how he dies. As the screen cuts away we’re left in suspense “is Jake dead?” “Is he not dead” fans were reeling! The Lakewood 3 now are in psyche class learning about dreams when Noah brings up Freddy Krueger and all other nightmare horror films going into his first monologue of the season which the gist was we dream because that’s the only way sometimes we can deal with things. During Noah’s speech and the class driven by the new hot teacher Ms. Lang, we are introduced to the new creepy son of the sheriff, Gustavo, whom is drawing a bludgeoned Emma on his desk [nice bro! That’s what every slasher survivor wants] and the savvy Zoe, whom according to the “this season on Scream” promo is the next Riley for Noah.




So now after this Audry tells Noah about the text messages and phone calls. He then alerts the sherif. The sheriff then has a one on one with Audry telling her if she wants to start a investigation she had to pass on it. During this Audry gets a text from the killer that reads in gist if you sign I’ll kill you then throwing in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” [err wrong franchise?], which then leads Audry too not pass on the investigation. Bad move? My question is, is how this killer is watching every single move “The Lakewood Six” is doing, without being caught?! Now back to the Shake N’ Jake: When Jake wakes up and finds himself inside a creepy barn [the barn from Emma’s childhood] and FINALLY breaks his way out..BAM the killer comes in, takes Jake.

Nobody finding Jake yet mind you, but connections are reeling them to him. As Emma finally agreed to star on Noah’s “The Morgue” podcast, she finds Noah’s leads board. Where he pinned up every single possible lead to the Lakewood massacre. What picture was on the board? The barn from Emma’s childhood. Naturally Emma wants to check out the mysterious building, and that leads her to the James’ home. During Emma’s search, Jake wakes up hanging by his feet and the killer getting closer and closer until…BAM! He gets killed by the killer with a farming tool!




Emma now is searching the James’ home which she then finds plastered with newspaper clippings and nearly every single piece of media from the Lakewood massacre, kinda like in Scream 3 when Sidney found Kincaid’s file on her. As Emma is in shock the killer comes out of the shadows and attacks!

During all of this Audry gets another text from the killer telling her to got to stall 2 in the bathroom. As she enters stall 2 letters of her’s [or were they] to Piper [the killer from season 1) were plastered on the stall walls which she then crumbled into her vest. Is Audry still a red-harring?

The premiere kicked off with the death of a main cast member, so that’s a good sign for ratings. Ratings always rise when the viewers don’t know who’s next. It showed a decent amount of gore and suspense that any fan of season 1 would be totally entertained.

All of this was revealed during the the premiere. It was great but, It’s a bit hard for me as a viewer and a fan to have Scream without Ghost Face. I really wish MTV would bring back the old mask, but keep the cast they have now. I love the show, I love that we are getting multiple seasons [hopefully], I love the characters, I’m just not loving the new mask.

Well in other news after Scream, was the after show.
I was expecting something totally different with the SCREAM: After Dark thing. It started out really corny, with the whole “All In The Family”, 80’s sitcom theme going on. Luckily it took a turn for the better. It was hosted by the hilarious Jeffrey Self whom grilled the cast of Scream one by one with humorous banter like “I could see why you were killed off” , or serious talk like who’s going to die next? Apparently this aftershow isn’t going to play every week, we have to wait for July for the next one. Anyway it was kinda fun to watch, it showed cool by the scenes, and teasers for next weeks episode, they discussed who’s going to die you know average Scream fan fun.

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