SCREAM’: Psycho RECAP: Is Audry The Killer Or Fall Girl?

June 7, 2016


Written by Capt McNeely

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It already been one week since Scream premiered. Can you believe it? So episode 2 was pretty much slow paced. Not much of the killer’s appearance, but more red-haring action for Audry Jenson aka bi-curious, and Emma’s recovery.

Last episode Emma broke into Troy James’ [Emma’s stepsister’s father’s brother] barn and then into his house, only to find newspaper clippings from the Lakewood massacre hung creepily on the walls. As Emma was snooping further into the home she’s met by somebody or something in the doorway, which leads her to SCREAM. Now in episode 2, that entire..whatever, didn’t even seem to have happened. It wasn’t even mentioned, it was as if it never happened!

On a different note, this season seemingly mirrors I Know What You Did Last Summer, right down to the hallucinations. Which isn’t really a bad thing, Scream 3′ did the same thing sort of. [ahem] Remember Sidney Prescott’s nap on the couch in her ranch in the mountains, when she dreamt of her dead mother knocking on her window and then her dead mother turned into Ghost-face? Or that time Sidney was being chased and a prop from the movie house the studio was using for STAB stood up with Ghost-Face inside talking with Sidney’s dead mother’s voice through a voice changer? Well, picture all of that, but what happened in the submized plot. The plot line that happened outside the movies. The plot that gives the characters their strength for the next film. Well that submized plot is what the Scream TV Series is showing, and from what I’ve been reading, has been receiving mixed reviews because of it. There’s one side of the Scream fandom that goes nuts over the show “The Lakewood teens are my kids” or the other side that says “the show sucks and copies PLL”. In my opinion, the series would be a lot better if they include three things; Change the mask back to the original, and add more phone calls and kills! I love MTV’s Scream personally, just those changes, if done right would shut the latter side of the fan base.

Anyways back to the recap; Emma meets up with Ms. Lang, her psych teacher, for a coffee shop therapy session. During so, a brunette with glasses on her laptop brings Piper Shaw flashbacks to the surface [in case you’re new, Piper was the killer last season] and forced Emma to have a panic attack. Emma goes over to Keiran’s house to go for a drive down to the pier where Piper attacked her and her Mom, for closure…Which ended with a quick flash of the killer and Emma and Keiran going R-Rated in his car. During all of this, Noah checks out a lead to Piper’s possible accomplice. His lead leads him to a motel where a front desk manager then starts dishing the dirt that Piper was arguing with a girl [Audry this doesn’t look good for you]. During of which Audry is in the shadows watching, using a voice changer app to bully the tip from revealing anything else. The call was pretty freakin’ awesome, but also pretty freakin’ question rising! Is Audry the killer?! Or is she just covering for the real killer who told her last episode if she didn’t shut the investigation down, he/she would reveal the truth. What truth is going to be revealed?! It better be good if season 3 is in the future.

The episode ended with Emma’s walk home from Keiran’s, and a car following her. [NERD ALERT: I’m going to go off topic again!] I couldn’t help but think as I watched this scene, “plot twist: Christine The Car makes cameo..only the car is a different model..and red..and forget I ever wrote that. So the guy in the car is Emma’s dad that ran out on her when she was small. This is for real this time. Not last season’s hallucination played by Tom Everett Scott. After all of this, Audry cuts the lock to a storage locker to hopefully destroy evidence tying leads to Piper’s accomplice. Doing so, she finds a mutilated Jake with the words “So how I finished the job for you Audry placed on his chest.

Wanna’ know what I think? I think Audry killed Nina, and somebody caught on and made it a killing spree. As for the new citizens of Lakewood. Gustavo, Zoe, Eli, Tina and Ms. Lang, I can’t wait for your new character devlopments.

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