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June 15, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG


Are you going too submit your film to the 19th Annual Boston Underground Film Festival? No? Then let me get you going then. The Boston Underground Film Festival or B.U.F.F is a yearly event where independent, provocative, and experimental filmmaking is celebrated and featured. B.U.F.F prides itself on its “push the envelope” style and content and will express their pride on the last week of March 2017 when the festival opens. The festival will take place in Cambridge, Mass. at The Brattle Theater.

2016 winners of the festival include: Trash Fire for Best Feature (audience awards), Drama for Best Short, Blood Of The Tribades for Best New England Film, Stand By For Tape Back Up for Best Feature (Director’s choice), Magic Fish for Best Short and Meir for Most Efficiently Offensive.

Submissions to the event “must explore musical components, topics and themes”. If you’re a filmmaker and want to submit your happening film to B.U.F.F here are the guidelines and how you could enter. #1: If you are submitting a feature film it could be any genre but HAS to be 60 minutes or more long. #2 If you’re submitting a short it could be any genre, but it HAS to be submitted to the short category and HAS to be 20 minutes long or shorter. #3 If your film runs over 20 minutes but under 60 minutes it HAS to be submitted in the medium length category. There are your guidelines

B.U.F.F was founded in 1999 by David Kleiler and his friend Dima Ballin. The event, which started as a all night movie marathon grew into B.U.F.F quick. Fans still travel nationwide for the festival even after its past of going from venue to venue just for its happening push the envelope styled content screenings. Programmer Bernard Broginart even described the festival to be “a wonderful hoax of a film festival.”. So there you have it. People love to go there, plus on top of all that a steady venue has been established for the festival since 2012. The historic Brattle Theatre. So people know where to go. People are flocking to this festival yearly. And if your film is worth watching, those same people will be cheering at the end of your film if you submit it.

This festival is a participant in the WithoutaBox and FilmFreeway festival
submission systems. To submit go to WithoutaBox or FilmFreeway.

Here’s some old footage of what the festival is like

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