Death House Releases New Promotional Art

August 18, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Death House, one of the most highly anticipated horror films of 2016, has just released new artwork by artist Sean Wilson. Director Harrison Smith had this to say about the new poster:

We hope the artwork reflects the complexity of the film, hints of steam punk and also a solid sign of the horror Death House contains behind its walls.


death house poster


Smith pointed out an interesting detail about the artwork to me. If you look closely at the left eye (our right) you will see an aerial photo of the Death House facility.

Smith, known for his films Camp Dread, The Fields, 6 Degrees of Hell, and Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard, not only directed but also penned the script, based on the original screenplay by Gunnar Hansen who played Leatherface in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hansen gave Smith his blessing on the new script before he passed away in 2015.


Death House features a cast of genre legends like we’ve never seen together before. But don’t get it twisted, it is not one of those cheesy cameo films. It’s all about the story.


dh pr 2


In the film, “Agents Toria Boon and Jae Novak have their own dark pasts, arriving at Death House to tour its levels and observe its denizens first hand as well as the medical and mental experiments of Drs. Eileen Fletcher and Karen Redmane—their depraved experiments date back to the Nazi doctors of World War II. Prison cells are virtual reality holodecks that recreate prisoner environments before they were incarcerated. A special hallucinogenic gas keeps inmates under control. The victims are homeless bused into Death House to play literal victims while killing habits are studied. The results are sick, but only a hint of what goes on here. Hell literally breaks loose inside the facility when an EMP device detonates, killing all power and communication and…releasing every prisoner. Boon, Novak and Fletcher are caught in a race against advancing prisoner hoards led by occultist Neo-Nazi Sieg. The monsters are freed and they’re going down. Boon and Novak’s fight through Death House turns into a house of horrors gauntlet/with the only hope of escape is descending into Hell and the help of The Five Evils. Events culminate in a violent face to face standoff with absolute evil…only to find that they have traveled down a rabbit hole and through a looking glass. Black is white and white is black and the definitions of good and evil no longer apply… Who are the monsters? Who will escape?”


dh pr 1


Death House stars horror icons Tony Todd (Candyman) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Danny Trejo (Machete Kills), Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Dee Wallace (Cujo), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Barbara Crampton (We Are Still Here), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Cody Longo (Piranha 3D), Bianca Bradey (Wyrmwood), Torsten Voges (31), Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave) and Don Shanks (Urban Legends: Bloody Mary). No other horror film in history has had a cast so impressive.


dh pr 4


We are still waiting to learn the premiere date for Death House. In the mean time you can take a behind the scenes look at ‘Death House’ from Smith himself in his three part series “The Road To Death House”. Be to check out Smith’s series on Cynema hosted here on  Follow Death House and Harrison Smith on Twitter for updates, behind the scenes photos and other exclusives.

Here is the first teaser for this killer flick. The full trailer will arrive early next month.


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Source: Death House PR, Harrison Smith

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