Author Scotty McCoy Talks With Us About His Horror Trivia Book Series

November 7, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely is the owner of She is an Executive Producer of "13 Slays Till Christmas" which is out on Digital and DVD and now streaming on Tubi. She has several other films in the works. Kelli is an animal lover and a true horror addict since the age of 9 when she saw Friday the 13th. Email:

Today, I had a conversation with author Scotty McCoy. We discussed his latest book ‘The Ultimate Friday the 13th Trivia Book’, 13 chapters, 1300 trivia questions, about one of the genre’s most famous films. If you are a fan of the film or a fan of the genre you will be happy to know that you can buy the book on Amazon now.




Horror Fuel: “Why horror?”

SM: “I have always been fascinated with horror and obsessed with Friday the 13th. Growing up I always watched AMC Fear Fest. I love the excitement. Horror is like an adventure.”


Horror Fuel: “So I guess it would be easy to say that Friday the 13th is your favorite?”

SM: “Yes it is. My favorite is ‘Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Beginning.  But Halloween runs a close second. In fact, I’m working on a Halloween trivia book now. I only have a few more chapters to go. I’m on chapter 9. Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis wrote the intro for my Halloween trivia book. She even talks about things that happened on the set.”


Horror Fuel: “When do you expect it to be out?”

SM: “It should be out around December.”


Horror Fuel: “What’s next after The Ultimate Halloween Trivia Book?”

SM: “Next, I will be working on an Ultimate Slasher Encyclopedia.”


You can pick up your copy of ‘The Ultimate Friday the 13 Trivia Book’ now on Amazon. We have a sample of questions you will see in the book. If you don’t the know the answers, don’t worry, the answers are found in the back of the book.

Who was offered the role of Mrs. Voorhees but had to drop the role due to scheduling conflicts?

  1. Frances Reid                                   c. Estelle Parsons
  2. Janet Leigh                                      d. Gloria Stuart


What were the counselors cooking on the grill?

  1. Hot Dogs                                         c. Chicken
  2. Hamburgers                                     d. Steak


What kind of car did Rick have?

  1. Blue Buggy                                     c. Yellow Buggy
  2. Red Buggy                                      d. Green Buggy


What video game was Tommy playing while wearing a mask?

  1. Zaxxon                                            c. Super Mario Bros.
  2. Friday the 13th                                     d. Donkey Kong


What movie was Robin and Jake watching on television?

  1. The Thing                                        c. Friday the 13th (1980)
  2. A Place in the Sun                            d. Halloween (1978)



What was Megan’s license plate number?

  1. MW8510                                         c. MW9225
  2. MW4399                                         d. MW3821



What was the original working title of Friday the 13th Part 7:  The New Blood?

  1. Birthday Bash                                 c. Birthday Party
  2. Birthday Celebration                       d. Birthday Surprise



Because of this film, what talk show host had the privilege to have Jason Voorhees on his/her show?

  1. Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford                        c. Ellen DeGeneres
  2. Johnny Carson                                d. Arsenio Hall



Tony Todd auditioned for the role of Creighton Duke.  What horror franchise is Tony Todd best known for?

  1. Silent Night, Deadly Night                          c. Candyman
  2. Hellraiser                                         d. Jeepers Creepers



What was the first sequel to the Jason X novels?

  1. Jason X:  The Experiment                     c. Jason X:  Death Moon
  2. Jason X:  To the Third Power                          d. Jason X:  Planet of the Beast


What was the potential sequel supposed to be?

  1. Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael                        c. Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash
  2. Freddy vs. Jason vs. Pinhead                                        d. Freddy vs. Jason vs. Leatherface


What television show does Jared Padalecki, who played Clay Miller, star in?

  1. Supernatural                                    c. Once Upon a Time
  2. Game of Thrones                            d. The Vampire Diaries


Was Mrs. Voorhees born in 1930?

  1. True                                                 b. False


I am a sister, mother, and grandmother.  I also worked as a waitress at a local diner.  I am dating the sheriff.  I was killed in my daughter’s ex-husband’s arms and he was accused of my demise.  I’m the reason Jason became reborn in his original body.  Who am I?  ______________


In Friday the 13th Part 5:  A New Beginning, what cartoon character is on the mug that is sitting on the shelf?

  1. Bugs Bunny                                    c. Popeye
  2. Yosemite Sam                                 d. Mickey Mouse


We will let you know when ‘The Ultimate Halloween Trivia Book’ and ‘The Ultimate Slasher Encyclopedia’ are available for purchase.

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