Hannah Levien Talks Blood Brothers, The Magicians And Supernatural In Our Interview

November 20, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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‘The Magicians’ actress, and co-star of the upcoming genre film ‘Blood Brothers’, Hannah Levien took the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my questions about her past, present and future projects.

The talented actress spoke kindly of her co-stars from various roles, including on ‘Supernatural’, her role on Syfy’s ‘The Magicians’ and the unique serial killer themed film ‘Blood Brothers’.



Hannah Levien, Arjun Gupta, Oliva Taylor Dudley


Horror Fuel: “I’ve seen quite a bit of the films and series you a have starred in. The Children of Sorrow has a very interesting story. Can you tell us a little about that role?”

HL: “I play a character called Ellen and she is a young journalist, a bit obsessed with the disappearance of her sister who kind of went off the rails growing up and became involved with a cult. She basically died in a big cult massacre. It was unclear what it was really. My character blames the cult leader, played Bill Oberst Jr., and becomes obsessed with finding a way to bring him down. The way she does that is she tracks him down to this new cult he’s started in Mexico. She documents everything she is doing and infiltrates the cult and then tries to battle him out, tries to get him to admit what he’s done to bring him to justice.

It’s quite an interesting film and filming process because it was almost entirely improvised. We had a script but when we got out there in the dessert, the chemistry between different people, especially with Bill and I, it was so interesting that the director, Jordan McClure, he just sort of let us improvise. So, it was almost entirely improvised, it was quite an amazing experience.”



Horror Fuel: “Okay, I have to ask this because it’s one of my favorite shows. What was it like to be a Greek goddess, by that I mean Calliope on Supernatural?”

HL: “[laughter] That’s one of your favorite shows? That’s awesome. I love Supernatural too. It was a blast. I was fortunate to be in the 200th episode. Honestly, to play a Greek goddess with super awesome powers, it’s a pretty good life. [laughter] Jared Pedaleski and Jensen  Ackles were great to work with. Supernatural is just super fun. The whole cast and crew have worked together for so long, it’s like being a part of a family. There were really excited working on the 200th episode. It was a really great vibe on set. It was super fun.  I had no idea when I was auditioning for it, I didn’t know it was for the 200th episode. If you see them on social media they are all so supportive of everyone. And let’s be honest, Jared and Jensen only get better with age. ”




Horror Fuel: “Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark?”

HL: “That was pretty fun. That was actually written by Jose Prendes who wrote and directed Blood Brothers. Mega Shark, I actually didn’t have a lot to do with the film. My character was added in later on down the line. It’s a fun franchise to be part of. The culture behind it is pretty fun. ”


Horror Fuel: “Tell us about The Magicians. What is like to operate in a world of magic?”

HL: “That’s a cool question. It’s a pretty awesome world.  The sets and costumes are beautiful. All the designers are fantastic. It enhances and opens your imagination to new ideas about the world. The book by Lev Grossman is such great reference material.

I get to play a traveler on that show. I can travel through time and space. It’s such fun as an actor, you are still playing a human character, with drives and ambitions, but they all have magic. My character [Victoria], she’s strong, brave. She has this very rare gift that she is experimenting with to travel to other worlds. The teachers are trying to hold her back, to keep her from taking these risks and that’s how she ends up getting in trouble. It’s so cool to play this character who is testing boundaries. There are a lot of characters on the show like that, testing the world. I spend a lot of time in a dungeon in season one. What they created in that space, it was awesome. Like you walk into the space and you’re like “This is terrifying”. They create this beautiful world for the viewers and for everyone involved.”



Horror Fuel: “Tell us about Blood Brothers.”

HL: “Blood Brothers is basically based on a true story. It is about two brothers who are plotting their first kill. They believe that their destiny is to become famous murderers by committing at least one murder. They are obsessed with famous serial killers. It’s quite dark. They want to choose the right candidate, someone worthy of being their first victim. I actually play two characters in the film which is very unusual. But it actually works because it’s like a fantasy horror film. The brothers kind of detach from reality. It’s really happening but at the same time they are having all these fantasies. It’s almost like you are running a fever and you’re imagining all these crazy things. I don’t want to say David Lynchesque, but I’ve seen that in his movies. Blood Brothers reminds me of that in some ways. Jose created a really cool atmosphere. That’s the basic premise. But I don’t want to give away who they are. There’s nothing I can compare it to. It’s quite unique. It’s imaginative. People just have to see it. And I’m excited to hear the feedback.

I don’t know if I mentioned that I play two characters and I can’t say too much. Originally I was only meant to play one character.I wasn’t sure about the role, I have played similar characters in the past. Then I met Jose and he told me he wanted to play two characters who are the exact opposite of each other. That sets up the feeling, what is real and what is not. It’s a real trip it was a great challenge and a lot fun.”



Horror Fuel: “When you’re not filming what do you enjoy doing?”

HL: “I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in Canada. I’ve developed some extreme hobbies that I certainly didn’t used to have. I learned to ski this year. I like to do extreme things. I like to get out do some hikes. My background is, I have a Masters in directing an writing which I am very passionate about. I try to make time to watch films and TV and keep inspired. I like traveling. Obviously I’m Australian, and I live between Canada and the U.S., so I certainly value travel. I’ve also learned to surf this year. So, one of my side projects is developing some wet suit stuff. I’m kind of into fashion. I’m creating some cool little stuff, like design and everything.  A company out of Brazil, I’m working with them on that.”


Horror Fuel: “Film or TV wise, what is next for you?”

HL: “Right now I have taken a little step back for the last two months. I’m developing some stuff for myself. In terms of next year, right now I’m reading a lot of scripts. I’ve been approached by several different filmmakers and right now I’m looking into that. I can’t announce anything, but there are certainly some different projects in the works. I can’t say anything yet but there is definitely some interesting stuff.  I might be going back to Australia to shoot something. There’s nothing 100% yet.


Horror Fuel: “What is your favorite horror movie and why?”

HL: “I find Silence of the Lambs pretty terrifying. Jody Foster in that film is just amazing. That film to me just builds suspense so well. It’s so cerebral. Wolf Creek is a great film. I found that really terrifying. Wolf Creek is extremely violent. I feel like the suspense is built so well. We have this extreme villain, he’s so unpredictable. The lead characters are so real. You feel they could be anyone, like this could be me. Growing up I also thought Scream was terrifying. Here are these American kids, killing each other.


Hannah has also had roles in series such as ‘Bates Motel’, ‘Backstrom’, ‘The Returned’, and ‘The Ghost Speaks’, as well as films like ”The Mirror’, ‘Bloody Hell’, ‘Porphyria’ and ‘The Horseman’.




It was very easy to talk with Hannah. She is bubbly and has an amazing Australian accent. I look forward to following her career. Speaking of following Hannah, you should follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

‘Blood Brothers’, also know as ‘The Divine Tragedies’, will open in select theaters and arrive on VOD on December 2nd. For more on the film follow ‘Blood Brothers’ on Twitter.



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