Short Film “Agatha” Brings Simple Terror to Your Screen

January 11, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG


Writer/Producer Timothy Vandenberg (Quattelbaum, 4th and Long, Song of a Fifth Grade Samurai) and Producer John Mario Marchioni bring a new horror to the short film world.  The 8-minute long film Agatha tells the story of an orphan girl who “is paid handsomely by an old woman to bring meals to someone living in her attic until the girl crosses the one boundary set for her, and discovers a deadly truth.”


Set in the Pennsylvania 1800s, orphans were a common occurrence and hundreds of children roamed the streets and were filling orphanages.  This story deals with one curious girl and a mysterious woman in an attic who has an all too enticing secret.

In an interview, Vanderberg discusses the challenge of finding the right cast and how happy he is with each performance.  He also mentions a full length script the he has ready for when the time comes.

Starring Louise Ogel, Renee Farrabow, and Penny Kohut, with Tony Rosen (Annabelle, The Conjuring, Sleepy Hollow) on effects/makeup.


According to reviews, this film is psychologically demanding and leaves a great deal to the interpretation and imagination of the viewer.  Deb Kavis of Rue Morgue states that “the best part about this short film is that fact that words cease to be necessary. Once the premise is established — simply and elegantly — it is up to the viewer to watch and attempt to piece together the mystery behind the Agatha character.”

Upcoming festivals for Timothy Vanderberg and Agatha are Panic Fest, Idaho Horror Film Fest,  Neuchâtel International, and Fantastic Film Festival.  The film has already played Screamfest LA , Cucalourus, Charleston International Film Festival.

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