The Strangers 2 to be Helmed by Indie Horror Director Johannes Roberts

February 4, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

It’s been nine years since “Dollface”, “Pin-Up Girl”and the “Man in the Mask” set upon and terrorized a young couple in their secluded vacation home in Brian Bertino’s 2008 film, The Strangers. Now the trio are coming out of hiding, if they were in fact really hiding, to wreak similar havoc upon a family of four in a whole new venue.
Bertino is back to write the script for The Strangers 2, and will be joined in this endeavor by The Forest screenwriter, Ben Ketai. However, this time around  it will be The Other Side of the Door director, Johannes Roberts, sitting in the director’s chair as the gruesome threesome commit their malevolent acts.
As of right now, the US based production of the film is preparing  for cameras to roll sometime this summer.
When the dust had settled at the end of the last film, “Pin-up Girl” remarked to “Dollface”, “It’ll be easier next time”. Well, I guess once the film is finally in the can and ready to be released in theaters, we will see if it was in fact “easier”.


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