The Plague Doctor – Emanuele Mengotti Seeks To Realize His Haunting Vision

March 3, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Poveglia is the name of a small island located in the Venetian Lagoon, located off the northeastern coast of Italy. It’s a place that director Emanuele Mengotti knows well. As a boy he could literally see the island from his bedroom window in his family’s home, which was located in the Venetian city of Lido. This particular locale is a haunted place. fraught with a tragic history stemming from disease and insanity, and serves as the intended setting for Mengotti’s upcoming film The Plague Doctor.
The filmmaker’s synopsis of The Plague Doctor describes the film as, “The story of Mattia, a talented young doctor, takes place in Venice. He is summoned to care for an old writer, Riccardo, by his niece, Valentina. Before reaching Riccardo’s dwelling, Mattia passes by Poveglia, an ancient island in the Venetian Lagoon where several events related to the history and culture of the “Serenissima” took place. Once a quarantine site and then a mental hospital, the island is deeply engrained with dark legends of plague and madness. In Poveglia, the young doctor faces, for the first time, oddities which will pursue him through his journey. Once in Riccardo’s manor, his visions worsen. Venice and Poveglia’s past will combine with the present, as will the old writer and the doctor. As Mattia has no choice but to trust the otherworldly Valentina, he finds himself on the edge of sanity, with nothing but uncertainty. Mattia witnesses this blurring of past and present, reality and fantasy, fighting for his life.
Based on the footage I have seen thus far,  I am equally as mesmerized as I am intrigued. I have no doubt that with the help of art director Luca Nemolato, this film will be visually stunning and equally horrific. It has the look of a haunting psychological thriller that promises to crawl under the collective skins of the audience and make itself well at home. But since I insist you don’t take my word for it, I invite you to view a teaser below.

Mengotti is currently in the process of seeking the funds to produce The Plague Doctor as a feature length film, and has an IDIEGOGO page set up for people who wish to learn more about and possibly invest in the project.
You know what to do my Little Monsters, head on over and check out the particulars for this cinematic endeavor. If you wish to help Mr. Mengotti realize his vision through the creation of this film, make a donation if you are able. If you otherwise wish to keep yourselves updated on the film’s progress, you can give a follow at the film’s official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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