Alice Cooper Continues To Terrify With New Album

June 12, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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At 69 years old, The King of Shock Rock, The Master of Musical Macabre, Detroit’s Demon of Darkness, Alice Cooper has a new album.
I know, when Cooper first burst onto the scene with his group ‘The Spiders’ he looked like a malnutritioned freak who couldn’t sing and wouldn’t last a year (either because he would fail in the music world or die due to some chemical use).  But 54 years and 25 (now 26) albums later – not including guest appearances and group projects like “Hollywood Vampires’ – Cooper is still going strong and still as dementedly decadent as always.


By his own admission, Cooper has survived this ling because he was successfully able to separate the character of Alice Cooper and the man who created him.  In his off time, Cooper golfs, hangs out with grandchildren and substitute teaches a Sunday-School class.  But when that iconic makeup goes on, it is no holds barred horror.


The first single, ‘Paranoic Personality’, has just been released for his new album.  The Album, entitled ‘Paranormal’ will be released on July 28, 2017.  If the rest of the album is anything like the recently released single, we are in for a treat.  It sounds modern, heavy and fantastic,
The Album includes contributions from the original Alice Cooper Band as well as his current guitarist Nita Strauss.  Who has been touring with him and perfectly fits the horror motif with her stage presence and amazing guitar chops.
Nita Strauss (L) and Alice Cooper perform in concert at ACL Live on February 12, 2015 in Austin, Texas.
Alice Cooper is alive and well and still reigns as the King of Horror in music.

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