Actor Mistaken As Robber And Shot At By Police On A Movie Set

September 30, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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A film shoot almost turned deadly when an actor on a movie set was mistaken by police as an armed robber. News station Fox 59 is reporting that in Crawfordsville, Indiana a call came into the police dept. reporting an armed robbery in progress at the Backstep Brewery on North Green Street. When police arrived they spotted a man in a ski mask exiting the building with a gun in his hand.

The officers told the man to drop his weapon. Upon the command the robber, who in reality was actor Jim Duff, he turned to face the officers and was shot at. After the shot was fired he dropped the gun (a movie prop), pulled off the mask and told officers, “This is a movie set”. Duff was detained during the investigation to confirm that it was indeed a movie filming.
Officers said that they fired because they felt their life was in danger. All of the cameras and other actors were inside the building during the confrontation. And reportedly there was no notice of filming posted. The film company says that they will work more closely with law enforcement in the future to prevent any confusion. No one was injured. It is unknown at this time what movie was being filmed.

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