‘BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural’ Returning For Its Third Season This Week

October 8, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The third season of the hit series ‘BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural’ will be premiering later this week with new investigations into the supernatural. Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, the show’s creators, hosts, and producers, will take viewers on a journey into all things supernatural in search of the truth, with a hint of comedy.

From the Press Release:

(NEW YORK, October 6, 2017) — BuzzFeed today announced that its global hit series “BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural” will return for its third season on Friday, October 13, at 6:00 p.m. EST/ 3:00 p.m. PST via YouTube.com.  Creators, hosts, and producers Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, will return with 10 all-new episodes that, for the first time, find the duo investigating the supernatural in spooky sights from London to Roswell to get closer to the “truth” behind unsolved mysteries.

Each episode of “BuzzFeed Unsolved:  Supernatural” will feature the hosts dissecting compelling cases of supernatural phenomena – from the Roswell Incident to the Pennhurst Asylum and the London Tombs – as Bergara continues his quest to convince the ever-skeptical Madej that the paranormal exists.  “BuzzFeed Unsolved” is one of BuzzFeed’s premiere series, with over 200 million cumulative views in its lifetime.

It’s been amazing to watch the ‘Unsolved Community’ grow over the past two seasons. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of.  Whether it’s Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram, I think it’s incredible that fans are gathering to discuss theories, debate ghostly evidence, and just enjoy themselves over a mutual interest in the show.  Shane and I truly have fun going on these adventures, and because of this community, it feels like everyone is right there with us,” says Ryan Bergara, creator, host, and producer of the “BuzzFeed Unsolved” series.  

Shane Madej, host and producer of “BuzzFeed Unsolved” shares, “Since our viewers are constantly weighing in with their own theories on the Unsolved platforms, we decided to host what we call ‘Postmortems’ or Q&A’s on the Unsolved Facebook page,”  says Madej. “It’s a show where we kick back, talk about ghosts, and read fun comments from viewers. It’s been a fun way to interact with the community and hear their takes on the spooky topics we cover.”

Additionally, BuzzFeed is debuting an interactive haunted experience at Industria’s Studio 10 in the West Village on Thursday, October 12. The multi-room, interactive, activation fuses themes from the new episodes of “Unsolved” including alien abduction and the afterlife into real-life experiences and is designed through the lens of social media.



Be sure to tune in for ‘BuzzFeed Unsolved:  Supernatural’s’ Season 3 on YouTube on Fridays at 6 p.m. EST/ 3 p.m. PST, premiering on October 13, 2017.

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