‘Walking Dead’ Actor Hints The Show May Be Coming To An End

December 17, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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On the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ fans (some) were crushed when in the final moments Carl (Chandler Riggs) revealed that he had been bitten by a walker. While it wasn’t told in the finale, Carl was actually bitten in the previous episode.
Some fans aren’t taking the news very well and are still holding out hope that somehow Carl will survive. Showrunner Scott Gimple stated that Carl will die “like every other character bitten on the show”, but still, some are holding out hope that it is a trick. Chandler Riggs himself has made it clear he has been fired from the show, so has Chandler’s father who posted several comments on the subject. To further prove it’s the end for Carl today Chandler shared an image that has his fans in shock. He’s cut off his signature ‘Walking Dead’ long hair.

While some will just have to come to terms with Carl’s death, and others celebrate it, we have bigger things to talk about. In a message sent to the Spoiling Dead website, which has just been unveiled to the public, he urged them not to spoil his death leading up to the finale but he made a comment in the letter that is even bigger than his exit from the show. It’s about the show itself and how much longer it will run.

I get that you guys have been doing this since we started, but I have a request. Out of respect for me, for Carl, and for one of the last few seasons of the show, I’m urging you not to spoil the ending of 808 once your sources inform you of what happens.”

Did you catch that? “One of the last few seasons of the show,” that means the show may soon end. What makes the statement even more interesting is that the show has yet to be renewed for season 9. While it will most likely get renewed for next season, the question is how many more seasons will there be? With ratings, while still high for normal series, lower than they have been since season 2 it wouldn’t be a huge surprise.
Gimple has stated that he’s “very confident of a 10th season,” but let’s face it, the show is extremely expensive to make and with interest beginning to fade AMC may soon decide to kill it.
And as for Gimple, there are now petitions circulating calling for him to be fired, which I seriously doubt would happen at this point. The same thing happens every time a major beloved (or hated depending on who you ask) character is killed.
So, how do you feel about Carl being bitten and how would you feel about ‘The Walking Dead’ ending? Let us know.

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