Horror Games That Need A High Definition Remake

February 24, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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Many games in recent times have been given an HD reboot to be compatible with more recent gamming consoles, Resident Evil (Biohazard) has been given a complete makeover with an all new HD game called Resident Evil (Biohazard) HD Remaster that’s available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. This would be the game’s second makeover so I thought why stop with this game? There are some horror games in the past that I think are due for an “HD Remaster” makeover too. So here are a few games that I feel deserve a reboot into the HD age in no particular order.
Alone in the Dark (PC, 1992)
There is a game by the same title that was made in 2008 that’s part of the long game series, I’m talking about the original game that you played on DOS in the 90’s (real 90’s kids know this!) the game is actually considered the first survival horror game to be made, the term was not yet used till the first Resident Evil game was released which is ironic since it was Alone in the Dark that inspired it. The plot would pretty much stay the same but definitely work on more dialogue and the graphics, oh lord the graphics! There was an attempt to remake the game in 2013 but the project was canceled which makes the idea the game should get its HD reboot still possible.

The test play of the now cancled remake

Dino Crisis (PlayStation, 1999)
Part Jurassic Park part Resident Evil (minus a zombie virus) a black ops team goes to an island to spy on a research facility and learns it’s cloning dinosaurs that will be used in warfare. Pretty much what they have done with the original Resident Evil game they can do here, update the graphics, soundtrack, and voice acting and I’m sure you would have a decent hit on your hands. Ironically it turns out Capcom (developer of Resident Evil and Dino Crisis) has been hinting for a while now that they’ll either make a remake of the original or make a new installment to the game’s series. Who knows, maybe it will happen after all!

Silent Hill (PlayStation, 1999)
The horror game series that rivals if not stolen the horror gaming crown from Resident Evil. The game that took players to the most terrifying ghost town in the world even though it’s fictitious but has a real world inspiration that inspired the film version of the game. The story revolves around a father looking for his daughter after they had an accident outside of the ghost town that is full of nightmarish creatures and terrifying alternate realities. The game has spawned sequels and gave the horror world the iconic Pyramidhead creature. In 2009 an attempt was made to remake the first game calling it Silent Hill: Shattered Memories that won the hearts of many critics but many diehard fans felt differently since this version went into a different direction. The remake I had in mind surprisingly is only one change, the graphics. Keep the original recorded dialogue, music, and storyline.

The 7th Guest (PC, 1993)
A point and click game that takes players into a mansion owned by a crazed toymaker who seems to have supernatural powers. Players have to solve puzzles and figure out the secrets the toymaker holds while encountering disturbing manifestations in the house and learns more about the other 6 guests. The game is a cult classic but there was a disjointed flow to the story, if you go to rooms out of order you see cut scenes that are out of order. My idea for a remake would be to make the game a bit more orderly, rooms are locked till certain puzzles are solved, probably a better storyline (or at least an improved one).

Obscure and Obscure 2 (PlayStation 2, 2005 and 2008)
Both games are survival horror situations taking place on school campuses, the first one being at a high school and the second at a college. Both games are about students who encounter a nefarious plot to experiment on students with strange plant spores that mutate people into light sensitive plant creatures. The first game did OK with critics while its sequel was hit hard with negative reviews and for good reason since the storyline was nonexistent, the characters were annoying due to how the dialogue was written is a way that it made it seem like the characters quickly forget that they’re in the middle of a perilous journey. My HD reboots of these two games would probably be a complete remake of both games, better storyline, more realistic dialogue, better controls, updated graphics. The only thing I would not change would be the soundtrack.

Shadow Man (N64,Windows,PS1,Dreamcast, 1999)
Slightly based on the comic book series by the same name, Shadow Man follows a man named Michael who is a normal man during the day but as soon as the night comes he turns into the Voodoo warrior Shadow Man. Michael has to travel between the world of the living and the dead to recover the souls of serial killers known as “the five” who were given supernatural powers from a malevolent being calling himself Legion. The game could use an updated version. My idea for the HD reboot can go one of two ways, to a remake of the original with better graphics and possibly use more Voodoo lore OR start from scratch and remake the game but following more closely to the comic book universe where Shadow Man is more of a superhero.

Castlevania 64 (N64, 1999)
The first 3d version of the Castlevania series, the game allowed players to play one of two main characters, Carrie a little girl with magical powers, and Reinhardt a vampire hunter and heir to his clan. The two heroes go to the castle of Dracula who has returned. My idea of a re-VAMP-ed (pun intended) version of the game would be better graphics, use the same songs but update them with an actual orchestra, more voice acting, and keep it third-person but have it “over the shoulder” as the camera controls made things a bit difficult.

Hugo’s House of Horrors (Dos, 1990)
This game was the first of four Hugo games. Players control Hugo who is looking for his girlfriend Penelope who went missing after going to a (obviously spooky) house to babysit. The game has tongue-and-cheek humor throughout as Hugo ventures through the house. Players had to use the keyboard to direct Hugo’s movements and to make him perform actions you had to type the commands in the provided space to type, this was because the mouse for PC’s were not around (or common) yet. The HD reboot would be obvious, better graphics, third-person view, combat mechanics, and puzzles to solve. To keep with the spirit of the original, keep the humor.

Monster Bash (PC,1993)
Players take on the role of Johnny Dash in this side-scrolling game. Johnny’s dog was kidnapped by Count Chuck. Johnny with the help with the friendly monster under his bed enters a spooky world armed only with a slingshot and an unlimited supply of rock ammo. Johnny faces zombies, skeletons, witches, bats, and walking severed hands as he looks for his dog all the while releasing other pets he finds. The idea I have for an HD reboot for this one is to keep it child-friendly and cartoonish as possible, like Fortnight where the manner in which the enemies are vanquished is mere child play. Keeping it side-scrolling can be an option or a third-person view is OK too, more adventuring, puzzles, voice acting, and of course… different weapons. The slingshot can be a good “fall back” weapon that you originally start off with but it would be neat to pick up weapons that you see on the slingshot channel on YouTube!

Bio Menace (PC,1993)
Like Monster Bash this is a side-scrolling game, you play as CIA agent Snake Logan (who has a sweet mullet that would make Billy Ray Cyrus cry tears of joy). Logan has to fly over a city that’s being overrun by mutants but unfortunately, his plane crashes in the heart of the city forcing him to continue his mission cut off from help as he fights mutants and rescues hostages who were kidnapped by a mad scientist. My idea for this reboot, as cartoonish as it is, I think we need to go darker on this reboot Resident Evil 6 this game but doing right! Third-person over the shoulder, scarier mutants to fight, puzzles, voice acting, awesome soundtrack, jumpscares, spooky environments, and NO MULLET!


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