‘Pacific Rim: Amara’ Webtoon Launches Today

March 9, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Set in the same universe as the films, Pacific Rim: Amara is the prequel to the upcoming film Pacific Rim Uprising. Legendary Comics and LINE Webtoon teamed up to distribute the prequel that’s co-written by Cavan Scott of the UK and Zhang Ran of China, the webtoon is illustrated by Chinese artist BigN.

The story is about Amara, who will be played by Cailee Spaeny in the film, showcasing her struggles in post-Kaiju Santa Monaca after the invasion of the large monsters called Kaiju that come from the sea. Kaiju is Japanese for “strange beast” and is also the name of the popular film genre in Japanese cinema that depicts large monsters destroying large cities or fighting one another with humanity caught in the middle, the most famous Kaiju is Godzilla.

The webtoon will showcase Amara’s adventures to making her own Jaeger, a large mechanical fighter capable of fighting the Kaiju in which a human is inside piloting the machine. The webtoon is up and free to read and will be updated every Friday, if you’re interested in seeing Amara’s journey of becoming a Jaeger pilot, here you go! Pacific Rim Uprising will be in theatres March 23rd.
Keep an eye out for young Amara in this trailer!

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