RTS Game ‘Iron Harvest’ Kickstarter Surpasses $1,250,000

April 13, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Kingart Games’ Kickstarter campaign was more than just successful; it was a colossal triumph for the independent developer whose Kickstarter is only 48 hours away (at this time) from ending. What game could they have come up with that would amass such a following? Iron Harvest a game that takes place in an alternate universe where giant mechanical soldiers fight alongside infantry units in an alternate post-WWI Europe.

Its 1920+ Europe is recovering from the Great War where giant mechanical soldiers stomped across battlefields. When the war ended, these mechs became part of everyday life but now forces from the shadows are planning to destabilize Europe and engulf the world into another great war where control of the world is at stake. The idea of the game came from the works of Polish artist Jakub Różalski, which depicts giant robots being used in the European countryside.

Now onto the game itself! Iron Harvest is a real-time-strategy (RTS) game where players take control of units from one of three factions, the agricultural Polania Republic, the old but powerful industrial giant Rusviet, and the strongest industrialized country in all of Europe the Saxony Empire. All three have their strengths and weaknesses, but each has something to gain or lose if another great war breaks out.

Each faction will have “hero” (main) characters; there will be nine characters in total, in each campaign the one hero’s story is accompanied by two companions. The three main heroes’ stories are intertwined as each one has been affected by the previous Great War. The environment, unlike before in most RTS games can be affected by combat; you can destroy barriers, buildings, enemy cover etc. Players will have to collect resources to build up their units and upgrade their mechanical soldiers as well as build up bases and specialized units.

I couldn’t resist, I love the little feet!

For those who play well with others, there will be competitive multiplayer as well as co-op modes if you don’t want to play the solo campaign, at first this would be possible if the Kickstarter campaign was successful but as the title of this article bluntly states, it’s safe to say that you will be playing with friends.
The game is planned to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The release date of the game is aimed sometime at the end of 2019 but playable Alphas are available now for backers of the Kickstarter.


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