‘Grindhouse: Planet Terror’ Soundtrack Released On Vinyl

Remember the Grindhouse movie ‘Planet Terror’?  Everyone who saw it remembers Rose McGowen’s machine gun leg slaughtering chemically-enhanced zombies.   Well, writer/director Robert Rodrigues isn’t finished.  He is now taking the opportunity to remind us that he has composer chops as well.


For the first time, the soundtrack for ‘Planet Terror’ is available on vinyl.  The score is composed by Robert Rodriguez, Graeme Revell (The Crow, Sin City), and Carl Thiel (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series), with additional songs by Chingon and Nouvelle Vague. McGowen even sings on three tracks.  The LP is pressed on opaque white vinyl and is available on April 21.


Planet Terror Tracklist:

1. Grindhouse (Main Titles) (Robert Rodriguez)
2. Doc Block (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
3. The Sickos (Robert Rodriguez & Graeme Revell)
4. You Belong To Me (Rose McGowan)
5. Go Go Not Cry Cry (Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo)
6. Hospital Epidemic (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
7. Useless Talent #32 3:11 (Rose McGowan)
8. His Prescription … Pain (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
9. Cherry Darling (Robert Rodriguez)
10. The Grindhouse Blues (Robert Rodriguez)
11. El Wray (Robert Rodriguez)
12. Police Station Assault (Robert Rodriguez)
1. Dakota (Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel)
2. Zero To Fifty In Four (Robert Rodriguez)
3. Fury Road (Robert Rodriguez)
4. Helicopter Sicko Chopper (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
5. The Ring In The Jacket (Robert Rodriguez & George Oldziey)
6. Killer Legs (Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo)
7. Melting Member (Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez)
8. Too Drunk To Fuck (Nouvelle Vague)
9. Cherry’s Dance Of Death (Chingon)
10.Two Against The World (Rose McGowan)

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