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‘The Terror’ May Be Back For Season 2

Fans of the show “The Terror” may be curious as to how the story will continue after the beautifully heartrending end to the fictionalized account of the lost Franklin Expedition. Well as it turns out according to an interview with TV Guide, Soo Hugh states that “The Terror” series was greenlit by AMC as an “anthology” show, meaning that every season will focus on one particular story just like “American Horror Story“, “True Detective etc.

The show’s name was taken from the name of the novel that it’s based on which in turn was named after one of the ships, the HMS Terror. So now it may seem that the title of the series all along means that this will be a horror anthology series.

I know, I know, “Tells us what the next season will be about Dan!” well that’s up in the air at the moment. All we know is that it will be a new story altogether.


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We don’t where which direction the show will be going.


With that, what I think will help the series survive is if the show’s (returning or new) writers keep the stories historical fiction about famous mysterious cases from around the world. I hope that maybe through the aether these ideas could reach the show’s writers, here some mysterious cases in history that could make good stories that could last a season.


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a little magic always helps.


The Dyatlov Pass Incident– In 1959 nine Russian college students are found dead outside the shelter of their tent and appeared to have died of hypothermia but the conditions of the bodies left many questions.


Jack the Ripper – The Victorian-era serial killer whose identity was never revealed but maybe through extensive research play out the possible suspects.


Roanoke Colony – One of the first colonies set up by the English in the 16th century that became famous because when more colonists and supplies arrived from England in 1590 the colony was deserted with no signs of what occurred. There are many plausible theories as to what happened but there’s plenty of room for a creative license as well!


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I think we’re owed a good Roanoke themed horror story…


D.B. Cooper – The name of a mysterious hijacker who in 1971 hijacked a Boeing 727 and demanded a ransom of $200,000 (well over a million dollars today) after getting the money, Cooper then jumped from the plane and parachuted down into the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest and was never seen again. In 1980 some of the money was found in the wilderness leaving some to believe that D.B. did not survive to spend any of the cash.


The collapse of the Silver Bridge – The actual collapse of the bridge was no mystery but it was the events leading up to it that makes it strange. Locals in Point Pleasant, West Virginia have reported seeing a mysterious creature dubbed the Mothman. After the bridge collapse in 1967, the strange being has not been seen since leaving many to believe it was a harbinger of the incident.


These are just some possible storylines that could be made into one season but if it ends up that the show goes into a different direction and is no longer a joy to watch, well at least we still had the first season, unlike another show on AMC…


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After the 3rd season Rick, NEITHER DID WE!

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