‘Deadly Callback’ Actress Kate Lister Talks About Past And Present Roles In An Interview

August 24, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Australian actress Kate Lister got her start with Neighbours and “Last Man Standing” and has appeared in movies like Fox Trap, and Unhinged. We had the opportunity to ask Kate about some of her upcoming films, about being a woman in the film industry, and a few other things.
Kate’s most recent role is as Sunny in Drive Me to the End, a dark comedy that centers around a man struggling to cope with the inevitable loss of his mother (Lister).
Kate also stars in the upcoming film Deadly Callback from writer-director Scott Jeffrey (Fox Trap).
Horror Fuel: “How did you get into acting?”
Kate: “It was a gradual thing for me, I took lots of little classes and then I found myself in a class with a teacher (Lyndelle Green) who pushed me harder than anyone else had at the time, she opened my eyes up and made me pay attention to the psychology and responsibility in building and playing a character.”
Horror Fuel: “We’re glad she did.”
Horror Fuel: “What is it like to be a woman in the film industry these days?”
Kate: “Being a woman in the industry is not easy at the moment and I must say it’s not just the ‘woman’ part it is the being a ‘white woman’. The industry is focusing on diversity heavily right now so to be a white woman is not ideal. This industry is so challenging that you have to think skin so I just hope that hard work does pay off. You have to really love it to stick with it, that’s what I have learned along the way.”
Horror Fuel: “Tell us about your role in Curse of the Scarecrow?”
Kate: “My character is June Sommers in the Curse of the Scarecrow. Below is a little bit about this quirky little horror film.
After witnessing their parents murder as infants, June & Carl have held a deadly secret throughout their entire lives, a secret that none will believe. Years later, June is back to investigate the family home after her estranged brother Carl’s mysterious suicide. As she walks the grounds and inhabits the house, June learns that the Scarecrow who came after her and her family is walking once again and is seeking revenge on the town.”

Horror Fuel: “If you will, tell us about your role in Drive Me to the End?”
Kate: “My character Sunny was on the autistic spectrum and she was so far from what I had ever played, that in itself was appealing. I wanted a challenge and I know playing someone on the spectrum would definitely do that.  ‘Drive me to the End’ was such a great experience for me and I do feel that it could be something special with some really fantastic messages in it.”
Horror Fuel: “How did you prepare for the role?” 
Kate: “The Autistic spectrum is such a large one so when I received this role I did have a slight panic attack due to the importance of portraying the spectrum in the correct light. I felt extremely overwhelmed yet very inspired to give the character a voice. I researched Autism a lot and was lucky enough to meet up with a woman on the spectrum who helped me with my character development. The film is now in the hands of the editor and I do pray that my character translates in the right light on the screen.”
Horror Fuel: “I can see where you would be concerned about that. It’s a delicate subject. My nephew has Aspergers.”
Horror Fuel: “Was it difficult to play a woman with autism?”
Kate: “It was really difficult playing sunny yet it was rewarding. I always seem to learn the most and feel proud of the more challenging roles I take on.”
Horror Fuel: “You have two other films coming out this year, can you fill us in?”
Kate: “I have a few projects in post-production but the one I am excited about other than ‘Drive me to the End’ and ‘Deadly Callback’ – this was such a challenging and messed up storyline that I am intrigued to hear what everything thinks, I have a feeling some will enjoy and some people who are not into horror will find it disturbing.”
Horror Fuel: “We like that kind of thing around here.”
Horror Fuel: “What is Deadly Callback about?
Kate: “My characters name is Kia Anderson and she is an out of work Actress who is on the verge of quitting when she gets a callback for a horror feature film.
Kia is invited to audition in a remote location with the director, she is extremely excited as this could be her big break. Kia arrives at the audition destination and it all gets a little creepy from there- let’s just say it’s a horror film, so expect some twists & turns.”

Horror Fuel: “What is your favorite horror film and why?”
Kate: “The first scary film I can remember watching and not being able to sleep for days was ‘When a Stranger Calls’ The 1979 original. The suspense for me was almost unbearable at such a young age.
BUT I have to say Martyrs, is my favorite horror film because it messed my head up so much that I will never watch it ever again – it has had the most impact on me.”
Horror Fuel: ” I remember ‘When a Stranger Calls’ that was a big movie for the time. I’ll confess, I think Martyrs is a bit disturbing too.”
Be sure to follow Kate Lister on Facebook to stay up to date on all of her films and more. Deadly Callback is set to be released on October 5, 2018.

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