The World As We Know It Ends In The Premiere Of AHS: Apocalypse

September 13, 2018

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Last night “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” premiered. We watched as phones and news channels sent out missile warnings, that we were on the cusp of the end of the world as we know it.
Luckily, an Instagram influencer scored four spots in a survival shelter thanks to her father. She along with her assistant, flamboyant hairdresser played by returning cast member Evan Peters, and his grandmother Joan Collins boarded a private plane destined for Outpost 3. Two other survivors were picked up by the same mysterious group, known as The Cooperative, handpicked because of their DNA. Besides our lucky survivors, there is something else out there, what it is we don’t yet know.

Once they arrived at the strange building they were greeted by two people in masks, reminiscent of the bird masks worn by doctors during the plague. Once inside they meet Wilhelmina Venable, Sarah Paulson’s character, who heads the facility along with  Ms. Miriam Mead (Kathy Bates). After the two chosen are shown to their rooms they meet the other survivors. We get a taste of just how dark this season will be when one survivor is killed and it is implied that he was fed to the survivors.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: APOCALYPSE — Pictured: Ashley Santos as Emily. CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FX

A while back it was revealed that this season is the highly-anticipated crossover between “Coven” and “Murder House”. While not a lot of that was revealed in the premiere we did meet one character from “Murder House”, the now adult Michael Langdon, played by Cody Fern (The Assassination of Ghianni Versace: American Crime Story) who happens to be the Anti-Christ. We also got a small tease with some ghostly action as 666 appears in a mirror from some ghostly source. The trailer for the season does reveal that the man in the black latex suit, featured in “Murder House”, will make an appearance.

With each season “American Horror Story” is drastically different and the premiere was no different. While I am not a fan of certain seasons (Hotel, Freakshow), I loved both “Murder House” and “Coven” and so far, “Apocalypse” has captured my interest. I look forward to seeing this season unfold. I get the impression that this may be the darkest season yet. And I like it.
Don’t miss “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” on Sundays at 10 pm on FX.

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