Award-Winning Film “Insomnium” Arrives On VOD This June

June 13, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Following increasingly disturbing behavior, a man begins to suspect that his roommate may be under the influence of a dark entity in writer-director Scott Powers‘ award-winning film Insomnium.



In the film, longtime buddies, George (Brad Pennington) and Phinneas (Clint Browning) share an apartment in Los Angeles. It’s a duplex, with their Russian landlord, Mr. Romanovsky (Leon Shparaga) living in the upstairs unit. George has returned to the apartment (atop an almost insurmountable flight of outdoor stairs) with injuries to one leg and one arm, rendering him basically immobile. His girlfriend Kim (Gena Shaw) and her friend Olivia (Larena Reyna) join the two boys on George’s first night home. After some drinking and relaxing, they bring out an Ouija board, and things quickly go south. That night, Phinneas begins to exhibit bizarre behavior, and the journey begins.



Insomnium is set to hit VOD (Vimeo, Amazon, iTunes, etc.) on Tuesday, June 18th.




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