Dracula Party Unleash Their Debut Video “Trick or Treat”!

July 23, 2019

Written by DanXIII

Daniel XIII; the result of an arcane ritual involving a King Diamond album, a box of Count Chocula, and a copy of Swank magazine, is a screenwriter, actor, artist, and reviewer of fright flicks…Who hates ya baby?

Remember when I gave you cats n’ creeps my wicked words regarding the new release from dark electronic wizards Dracula Party; The Devil Wears a Mask? Well, those arcane audio addicts have just released their first music video for the track “Trick or Treat” directed and edited by the band’s front-man Byron C. Miller (who helmed the fright flicks The Anatomy of Monsters and Night, as well as serving as writer and editor of the award winning short film, (in Here) I Am God).

Miller had this to say regarding the creepy clip:

I wanted this to feel like a modern successor to the great 70s Giallo flms. I love working with saturated colors and surreal imagery to create nightmarish realities. It was great collaborating with the multi talented actress, Kay Whitney (Tall Men, Z Nation), who really dived into the lead role. I also have to give a shout out to long time collaborator, Paul Morgan (The Anatomy of Monsters), for his lush cinematography, and my wife, Shelly Smith, for the stupendous Production Design.

Enough chit-chat, the time has come for you to feast your putrid peepers on Trick or Treat!


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