‘We Happy Few’ DLC ‘Lightbearer’ Is A Trippy Must!

July 31, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Gearbox Software and Compulsion Games in recent months released a Season Pass for their dystopian psychedelic mod game, We Happy Few. Gearbox was kind enough to share with me the season pass so I can experience one of three DLCs, this one in particular titled Lightbearer that follows a rock icon of the fictional English Island-state of Wellington, Nick Lightbearer.



It’s not a rock and roll bender if the bathroom is not flooded!



Lightbearer appears in the main game for a short time but images of him are everywhere. In the Lightbearer DLC, it becomes obvious that there are two kinds of people in Wellington, those who still like Nick Lightbearer, and those who despise him. Nick’s star is quickly fading as all the sex, and drugs are killing his rock and roll life. Nick is troubled not only by the fact that he’s burning out but that there’s a series of murders taking place around the hotel he’s staying at, and he’s linked to them!

Not onto the game. Nick, being a true rocker, only uses his guitar as his weapon. He doesn’t beat people up with the instrument; instead, he blows their minds by playing rifts! Some notes can be used to help block attacks to help Nick save battery power, if the power goes out of the guitar you’ll have to wait for it to charge itself. If you’re lost and you see a gold Nick statue, play a tune and they’ll literally point the way for you!





Though not as involved at the main game with crafting, it provides plenty of activity for our hero. What normally would be bad for you are good for Nick, popping pills, drinking booze, and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee heals him when he’s injured.

The voice acting is on par with the main story and the animation and art are just as eye-popping and groovy! The music still makes the game and it’s perfect, it may lack the variety of the songs you hear in the main game but it still has the sound of the 60s along with a new song to enjoy.



Was there a Jefferson Airplane song about this?



Overall if you’ve played We Happy Few the season pass is worth it as you are reunited with some of Wellington’s eccentric residents and it continues to mind-numbing adult Disney-like adventure that’s only a pill pop away! On my scale of five stars, Lightbearer is a 5!


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