‘Redeemer: Enhanced Edition’ Is Beat ‘Em Up Heaven!

August 17, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

From Russia with love, the awesome folks over at Buka gave me the opportunity to play their fighting game Redeemer: Enhanced Edition and all I can say is WOW, I have not had this much playing a fighting game in a long time!

Players take on the role of Vasily, an elite soldier turned a man of peace. Vasily lives in a secretive temple in the mountains as he tries to let go of his past and embrace inner peace till it was broken when his old comrades the temple killing and kidnapping monks who he now considers family.





Controls are pretty easy and straightforward and it helps that the game aides you in the beginning as well as giving you the option to look at the controls in the pause menu and the onscreen prompts help in case you forget.

The art is amazing, it’s almost comic bookish and the animation is smooth which is what helps with a fighting game. The animations of the finishing moves are a nice touch especially when you use the environment to kill your enemies.





There’s a skill tree that you can improve your skills and add new abilities the more you fight and defeat your enemies. Your martial arts skills are not the only thing you can improve; you can improve your usage of weaponry from melee to firearms.





The replayability of this game is pretty high, I’ll admit that it’s a bummer that it’s not that long of a game but you can either go back to play it all over OR take on the arena and fight waves of enemies with your skills, either way, your thumbs are going to get an awesome workout and remind you of the old fighting games you’ve enjoyed playing when you were a kid.





Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is an awesome game to play! It’s simplicity in the controls and move sets make the experience enjoyable for a beat ‘em up that over the years got drowned in complicated controls and moves. This game is a great one to play with friends as it also has a co-op option where you and a friend can go and brutalize enemies. If you want a stress relief by beating the snot out of virtual enemies, this game is for you! On my scale, it’s an explosive 5/5!


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