‘Song Of Horror’ Coming To Steam This Halloween!

October 16, 2019

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Protocol Games & Raiser Games announced that their upcoming psychological horror game Song of Horror, will terrify players this Halloween! Players take on the role, or should I say roles, of 1 of 13 playable characters as they investigate the disappearance of writer Sebastian P. Husher. Upon starting their investigation, players will soon realize that otherworldly forces the likes of which they never experienced in a game before is at work!





As mentioned there are 13 playable characters in the game to choose from. Each character has their own back-story and their own unique way of interacting within the story. Why 13 characters you ask? Well there’s a permadeath mechanic in this game, meaning that once a character dies…that’s it. Once a character dies, a new one takes their place and picks up the investigation where they left off.



What’s that in the tub?!



What adds to the tension of Song of Horror is the fact that the game itself is non-scripted! The AI used to program the eldritch entity in this game known simply as “The Presence” will attack or scare you at any time as it learns and adjusts your play style!





Carlos Grupeli, founder of Protocol Games had this to say about the Presence,

     The Presence watches the player, as the player enters The Presence’s territory, it responds to the intrusion and continues to respond in answer to the player’s actions. However, even if you do exactly the same thing, it will respond differently. You have no control over it because it plays by its own rules. The fun part of testing this game – even though we’ve played it about 400 times – is that sometimes even now the damn thing still manages to scare us.”

Keep in mind while trying to survive your encounters with the Presence, players will have to solve puzzles and find clues to help them solve Husher’s disappearance by going to multiple haunting locations!





Song of Horror will be coming out on Steam on October 31st. It should be noted that the game is split up into episodes with the first two being available at launch with more episodes coming!


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