January 29, 2021

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Putting on my headphones and pressing play on the new album from Austin-based Black Pistol Fire was like taking a wrong turn down a dark New Orleans alley and happening upon an after-hours blood-orgy. Not where I expected to end up but I am damn glad that I am here. If you have never had the pleasure of hearing the rock duo before let me paint a picture for you. Just imagine Caleb Followill, Jack White, and Satan all jerked off into the same sock, then an absinth addicted mad scientist found this sock, extracted the DNA, took it back to his lab, and grew it into two beautiful rock n roll babies. That’s the easiest way I can explain it.



Austin based and Toronto born Black Pistol Fire consists of life-long friends Kevin McKeown (vocalist/guitarist) and Eric Owen (drummer/bass synth player). After meeting in kindergarten, the two friends decided to battle life side by side using the greatest weapon known to man. Rock.


Listening to the latest album, Look Alive, I would have never guessed that this is just two guys. But as the story goes, where there are riffs, there’s away. Starting with no more than a single guitar and a simple drum kit, BPF have evolved into a mech of absolution over 10 years and 6 albums. Blending southern rock riffs with haunting synth orchestrations and never missing a beat, these two are doing everything right. My head started bobbing and my hips started shaking immediately and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. True rock n roll cannot be taught. It is something you birth and feed from your very soul. It cannot be faked. Black Pistol Fire has birthed the motherload with Look Alive.




new album
out 29.01.21
[Black Hill Records]

pre-order link


New ‘Homemade’ live video:


Here’s the press release:

AUSTIN, TX (January 29, 2021) The Austin rock group Black Pistol Fire is back with a brand-new full-length album, Look Alive, out January 29 via Black Hill Records. A far-reaching sonic landscape, venturing out beyond traditional rock touchstones, Look Alive, sees the acclaimed group refining their singular two-man approach, outfitting explosive, impassioned rock ‘n’ roll with an expansive, ethereal, and cinematic soundscape. Their sixth full-length album, Look Alive delivers Black Pistol Fire’s renowned southern rock, blues, and garage punk fusion through a handful of diverse and standout singles–among them the raucous title track “Look Alive,” the psych-laced “Level,” an R&B-inflected “Temper, Temper,” and a new focus track “Never Enough” Explore Black Pistol Fire’s new global micro-site at Black Pistol Fire, and purchase the new album Look Alive, HERE.


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