The Dark Zone Network Streaming Live Three Day Investigation Of America’s Most Haunted Police Station

March 18, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The Dark Zone Network presents another epic live three-day streaming event – a paranormal investigation of America’s most haunted police precinct, LAPD Station #11.

Visitors at the Los Angeles Police Museum often report strange activity including mannequins moving, disembodied voices speaking, and even invisible hands reaching out to touch someone! It’s enough to make the hair on the back of the neck of the toughest cop stand up. 
Built in 1925, the haunted halls of LA’s old Northeast Division Police Station #11, have hosted many of the most heinous criminals and housed the horrific evidence used to prosecute their crimes—murder cases like the Manson Family Murders, the Hillside Strangler, the Black Dahlia, the Onion Field Murders, The Night Stalker, The North Hollywood Shoot-Out. In fact, a psychic medium recently revealed that one of the deceased bank robbers from that shoot-out often stands behind an employee and touches her hair. 
And then there are those other puzzling cases that have left us with haunting questions—like whether the death of Marilyn Monroe was actually a murder, what was really behind the Patty Hearst kidnapping, and how in the world did Natalie Wood find herself in that cold November water the last night of her life? 
The Dark Zone is going after those answers and more with their next very haunted live streaming event. Following the success of The Real Conjuring House, The Lizzie Borden Murder House, and The Queen Mary, the DZ Team is catering to their fans’ appetite for more and proudly presenting the next worldwide interactive live streaming event starting March 26th from the historic Highland Park Police Station in Los Angeles. This is the FIRST TIME EVER a paranormal investigation has been seen on television from this iconic location. 
Multiple cameras will be broadcasting LIVE from inside the police station, providing the audience with a completely immersive interactive experience. Viewers can virtually participate in the investigations and all the activities and state-of-the-art methods DZ is using to connect with the spirits and uncover the truth. Audience members have a bird’s eye view as they “sit-in” on seances, Ouija board sessions, live on-scene investigations, and paranormal experiments, even adding their own input in the chat room feature. They’ll also be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the set-up and execution of a paranormal investigation conducted by top investigators Susan Slaughter, Brandon Alvis, Kristen Luman, Rick McCallum, Jimmy Church, and others. 
Donald Burleson, Ph.D., who wrote the book UFO’s and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe, will take us through the events surrounding her death. It has long been surmised by many that Marilyn had actually been killed by someone in the government because of her affair with JFK. However, Dr. Burleson documents that it was her inside knowledge of the UFO retrievals and lack of secrecy about what she knew that ultimately led to her untimely death. Our investigators will attempt to reach Marilyn and get the answers.
The Haunted Hollywood investigation begins on March 26th and continues through the 28th! Tune in to The Dark Zone Network to witness this investigation and others. 

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