Movie Review: At Night Comes Wolves (2021)

April 19, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Director TJ Marine’s At Night Comes Wolves is headed towards its release. Here are my thoughts on the movie about a cult.
Right off to bat we meet a couple, Leah and her husband Daniel. We are given reason after reason to dislike Daniel whose dutiful wife will do anything to please him. She gets to her breaking point and just walks away from her life and her asshole of a husband. She meets a young woman who leads her to her Guru/cult leader, and things quickly unravel as secrets are revealed.
The lead character played by Gabi Alves is left lacking. She has very few lines and mostly just mopes around the entire movie, which is not the fault of the actress. There’s also very little character development for her, which is a shame.
I think the film was meant to speak out against misogyny and mistreatment, yet when the main character gets out of an abusive relationship she jumps right back into another one on the same day, this time with a stranger, a cult leader. What kind of message does that send? That she has to have a man to guide her?
Another problem with the movie is that there is very little division between scenes showing different times which could easily lead to confusion. A different tone, style of cinematography, or filter would have been helpful.
I found more bewilderment at the story and its characters than I did anything. The film felt like something was missing. And the ending? I don’t want to spoil it for you. But I will say this about it, what the hell?  While it’s definitely an unexpected twist, it wasn’t a good one. It comes out of left field and just feels out of place.
I’m sorry, I just can’t recommend this movie. It is slow, predictable, and it just doesn’t look good. I tried, but I just couldn’t get into it.
At Night Comes Wolves is now out on Digital and VOD, from Gravitas Ventures.


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