George A. Romero’s ‘Twilight Of The Dead’ Being Made Four Years After His Death

May 1, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Four years after his death, George A. Romero‘s unmade zombie movie Twilight of the Dead is now in the works. Romero was working on the film when he passed away in 2017, now his wife Suzanne Romero is determined to see it made. Along with screenwriters, Susanne Romero is working to complete it and plans to meet with directors soon, THR reports.
Twilight of the Dead is intended to be the “concluding chapter” in George A. Romero‘s zombie “Dead” franchise, including the six existing films, that began in 1968 with the classic film Night of the Living Dead.
Twilight of the Dead was written by George A. Romero along with Palo Zelati. After Romero’s death, Zelati requested to continue work on the script and brought on writers Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas.
The film is a direct sequel to 2005’s Land of the Dead and will completely bypass Diary of the Dead as well as Survival of the Dead.
This isn’t the only project of Romero’s that has been completed and released after his death, Daniel Kraus completed Romero’s novel The Living Dead which was released earlier this year.
We’ll keep you posted.

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