Join The Immersive Virtual Manhunt With ‘Panic: The Experience’ Ahead Of Series Premiere

May 26, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely - Horror Fuel CEO & Executive Producer Email: [email protected]


Experience the world of “Panic” online ahead of the series premiere on Amazon Prime on May 28th. Join the thrilling VIRTUAL manhunt for you and up to five friends or family.
Popular varsity athlete Noah Kaplan has gone missing from the town of Carp, Texas. You must crack codes and hack websites to figure out where he’s gone, why he’s vanished, and why the cops are interested in strange graffiti that’s started to appear all over town. Is Noah in danger? Or is the worst yet to come? Work together to follow Noah’s online footsteps before the trail goes cold.

Teams will meet a cast of intriguing characters as they crack codes and solve puzzles. They’ll need to work together to uncover the mystery, using all their skill to hunt for clues around the internet and finish the game. 
“Panic, The Experience” was created by Swamp Motel, an immersive entertainment company that creates experiences for live audiences that blur boundaries between theatre, film, and gaming. By giving audiences a pivotal role within story-worlds, their innovative productions always thrill you whether experiencing them on your sofa, at your desk, or in an unexpected live venue. 
“Panic” is a new Amazon Prime Video one-hour drama series, written and created by Lauren Oliver (based on her bestselling novel). Set in a small Texas town, where every summer the graduating seniors compete in a series of challenges, winner takes all, which they believe is their one and only chance to escape their circumstances and make their lives better. But this year, the rules have changed – the pot of money is larger than ever and the game has become even more dangerous. The players will come face to face with their deepest, darkest fears and be forced to decide how much they are willing to risk in order to win. Theall 10 episodes of the new Amazon Original premieres on Friday, May 28, 2021, in more than 240 countries and territories. 
Olivia Welch, Mike Faist, Jessica Sula, Camron Jones, Ray Nicholson, Madison Ferris, Moira Kelly, Nancy McKeon, Rachel Bay Jones, and Enrique Murciano star. 
Panic” is created, written by and executive produced by Lauren Oliver and executive produced by Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum, and Adam Schroeder. Lynley Bird and Alyssa Altman serve as co-executive producers. “Panic” is produced by Amazon Studios. 
Follow the series on social media and use the hashtag #ReadySetPanic. You can experience “Panic” for yourself HERE. Let the game begin. Let the panic set in. 

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