Wasatch Witches: A Collection Of Utah Horror Is An Anthology That Will Haunt You – Book Review

June 6, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Wasatch Witches: A Collection of Utah Horror is an absolutely amazing collection of 25 short stories and poems that are tied together with the thread of witches. Each author deals with witches in their own way and each author stands out strong in their own ways!
I do fully admit that starting the bold statement “Witches are real” (and the introduction that follows) sets a perfect scene for the world this book creates. In this world, witches ARE real and they are many things…terrifying, gentle, mischievous, dark, lovely and wonderfully represented on these page. Yes, each entry is about witches and Utah, but there is such variety within that world that each story felt fresh and unique. Not only are the authors strong, but the chosen selections and organization of the anthology is very strong.

Now, obviously in any anthology there are selections that individual readers are more drawn to than others; however, I can definitely say that, while there are selections I enjoyed more than others, it is not because quality was lacking in any of them. Each author did an amazing job with their stories and this was a fantastic read that I am recommending wholeheartedly to anyone. Buy it here and enter the world of these Utah authors…they may just convince you that witches are real!

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