Spruce Up Your Home With Horror Décor From Peculiar Artifacts

June 8, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Spring cleaning is coming to an end and now comes the time when you are deciding if you want to add new décor, let’s face it, if you’re reading this you’re not like most people, you’re unique, dare I say you’re probably considered an eccentric, so traditional home décor won’t suit you. Luckily there’s a place like D.C. Based Peculiar Artifacts!
With a wide range of shirts and home décor, I’m honored to have had to chance to have my own unique piece of art to hang in my home, a framed poster of Candyman done in the style of Art Nuvogue and Byzantine! Big shout out to Kevin for making this review possible!
Candyman is not the only horror icon done in this style, there’s more to choose from as well as other amazing works. The picture is done well with great detail, printed on high-quality paper. A closer look at the picture and you can see the effect of making it look like stained glass which I really love (if this was somehow printed on something transparent that you can put on your window, you would hear me sqweee like no grown man should.). The picture is perfect for any horror fiend’s nook.

The frame is light and stable (handmade by owner Kevin Wright who makes a lot of the woodwork items in the shop by hand). With the lightness of the frame, which for some reason most people make frames ridiculously heavy, I’m able to hang my picture anyplace and have comfort in knowing that it won’t pull off the wall (the hanging hardware was included as well!) so if I don’t like it in my room, I can hang it in my sunroom…and give something for the neighbors to look at!

If a framed poster of Candyman is not to your liking, they also have him along with the other Byzantine-style horror icons in t-shirts. If you’re interested in Peculiar Artifacts’ wide range of apparel, home décor, and home goods you should check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook, I guarantee you will enjoy what you find!

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