Game Review: ‘The Ascent’

July 30, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

A big thank you to Neon Giant and Curve Digital for the opportunity to review this cyberpunk RPG! If you’re still being burned by a certain cyberpunk game earlier this year or can’t get enough of the cyberpunk aesthetics, then The Ascent is for you!
The Ascent takes players to another planet where a corporate-operated city stretches high in the air and is home to millions of workers (more like slaves) to The Ascent Group arcology from all over the galaxy. One day, the company’s systems shut down putting the livelihood of all who live in the city in jeopardy as rival corporate groups and black marketers try to take advantage.

I’m letting slide some tech issues as it’s been announced that patches are on the way in August and September but let’s get on to the game itself! This is a third-person shooter where the camera is set at a higher angle so aiming during combat can be slightly difficult, there is an auto-aim setting if you’re interested. Movement controls are pretty standard but there’s a lot of popup tutorials that come up and explain more advanced moves, I strongly recommend you read them when they do come up!

If you love cyberpunk world art, you will love this! The levels are full of life both organic and mechanical, the lighting is amazing, and teleports you to this neon-lit world. Joining the scenery is the sound design that helps bring the world to life, headphones are highly recommended.

Your character is fully customizable, from the start you can pick your standard look and build on from there with clothing items you find out in the world or buy from shops and visit “Grafters” who are like plastic surgeons who help you readjust your skill points and augmentations.

Overall, The Ascent was pretty fun to play once I took my time with it. You can go solo like I did or play with friends online OR have couch Co-op. With options to follow main story missions or seek out side quests, there’s a lot to do and plenty of time to do it. When it comes to my scale of 1-10, with some minor cosmetic and sound glitches that will most likely be fixed in the upcoming patches, it does not affect the overall score, the art, sound, controls, content/story, gameplay, and fun rank high. The Ascent is an 8.5.
The Ascent is out now on Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and Steam.

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