Lovecraft Dating Sim ‘Sucker For Love: First Date’ Slides Into DMs Soon

January 12, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

DreadXP is taking on the visual novel dating sim genre in gaming and adding an eldritch twist, I’m speaking of Sucker for Love: Fist Date the first of three stories featuring a hero trying to score a date with one of three ladies who are Lovecraftian creatures.





In Sucker for Love, players will have to keep their eldritch ladies happy by performing dangerous rituals and staying alive from the otherworldly horrors you let loose, all to earn a kiss from Estir (Hastur), Ln’Eta (Cthulhu), and Nyanlathotep (Nyarlathotep).

Sucker for Love: First Date will be sliding into your DMs on January 22nd on STEAM. Players can wishlist the game now by clicking HERE.


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