Game Review: ‘Resident Evil 4’

March 17, 2023

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

In 2005, dare I say, the gaming world changed as one of the biggest franchises, Resident Evil, took their iconic game in a new direction after three massive hit games. Resident Evil 4 took the fixed camera view and made it over-the-shoulder allowing players to see the world differently and feel like they’re in the middle of the terror along with the characters. The game also set the bar for the rest of the franchise and sparked a massive cult following full of memes that only those who’ve experienced the game would know. Eighteen years later, Capcom revisited the beloved game…


I want to thank Capcom for the privilege of getting an early look at Resident Evil 4!



When it comes to the controls for Resident Evil 4, veteran Resident Evil players will have no problem picking up the controller and jumping right into the action thanks to a great and simple tutorial system. When it comes to the game’s sound, I would strongly suggest playing with headphones if possible as there are some things you really should keep an ear or two out for if you’re a completionist. The soundtrack, voice acting, and sound engineering are what you would expect for a Resident Evil game, meaning that it’s in top form!





The updated look is amazing thanks to a fantastic light engine that really puts you into the game’s world, especially if you’ve experienced firsthand the way the real world looks when the sun goes down in the way it’s depicted in-game, for me it’s very reminiscent of late fall here in my part of New York.


When it comes to gameplay, I will say without giving much away, if you played the original, you MUST play this one, that’s all I can really say, new and old fans will enjoy the things that made us love the original even more with the combat, puzzles, and exploration. Returning players pretty much know what they’re in for BUT there are things you will not be ready for as well, which is why this is a must-play!


Overall if you thought that Resident Evil 4 back in 2005 was great, the 2023 version will make your jaw hit the floor. I know in the past I said it would be a mistake to remake RE4 as I felt it was already good, but I’ll be the first to admit that I was the one mistaken. This actually makes me excited about the potential of upcoming titles or possibly heading toward a return of Code Veronica or Revelations (wishful thinking I know.).

On my scale of 1-10, because how it not only kept to the story but at the same time added enough to it to make it all new, with fun puzzles, great combat, amazing sound and visuals, and replayability Resident Evil 4 to no surprise is a 10/10!


Resident Evil 4 comes out on March 24th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.


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