Star Chad L. Coleman Talks About His New Roles In Our Interview

March 17, 2023

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Chad L. Coleman has been a busy man, appearing in fantastic films and series like “The Walking Dead,” the hit crime series “The Wire,” “The Orville,” and so much more.


I sat down with Chad to talk about his past roles, his new role in “Superman & Louis,” and his character in the new film An Angry Black Girl and Her Monster, a twist on the Frankenstein story.


Kelli: “You’ve been so many fantastic things. I mean, The Wire was a brilliant show.”


Chad: “Nobody was really telling that kind of story then. It inspired a lot of TV shows.”


Kelli: “It was such a great story; you had a great character. I mean, Cutty was a good guy. He was down to earth and tried to make a difference. You have to respect that.”

Chad: “That character was based on the story of Baltimore trainer Calvin Ford, who trained Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. They sent me to his gym to shadow him. There was this kid in their boxing, and it turned out to be Davis, who is still fighting. He’s a champion.”


Kelli: “I had no idea. That’s awesome! I love boxing and MMA. I’ve watched his fights. He’s great.


Now, speaking of great, Tyrese from “The Walking Dead” was a fantastic character. I mean, who doesn’t love Tyrese? Now, his death, that was heartbreaking.”


Chad: “Personally, I think that was one of the greatest episodes ever. It had a lot of Impact.”


Kelli: “Right. But it was one of the best, but as a fan, it was also heartbreaking. I hated watching Tyrese suffer like that. You gave an amazing performance.”


Chad: “I put my heart into that role.”


Kelli: “You did, and it showed.


Your character, Klyden, on “The Orville,” is one of my favorite characters. His role is so important when it comes to being an LBGTQ+ character.”



Chad: “Thank you. He’s just an awesome character. And the LBGTQ+ community needs strong characters like him.  I am extremely proud of the impact the Moclans storyline and my character Klyden has had on the LGBTQ+ Community. GAAAYS IN SPAAACE, a not for profit org. who celebrate the presence of LGBTQ+ in entertainment as well as in the space program. They hosted an event in New York at AMC25 and screened 2 episodes for an LGBTQ+ Audience hosted by an amazing Transgender Woman, and subsequently, I’m doing my first LGBTQ+ Comicon.”



Kelli: “That’s amazing! I am glad to hear that you are supporting the community. It’s extremely important.”


You have a new role on “Superman and Louis” this season as a villain, which is kind of surprising because you played so many likable characters.”

Chad: “You probably didn’t see me on “Criminal Minds” then.”



Kelli: “Well, I’m sure you can play a villain well. Tellus a little bit about this bad guy Bruno Manheim?”



Chad: “Bruno Mannheim was born into a marginalized South Metropolis slum and faced many injustices, as did his family. He quickly came to the realization that if he wanted to improve the lives of his family and community, he’d have to do it himself. He’s a self-made man who loves his family and community tremendously and will go to whatever lengths necessary to save them and see them prosper. You don’t wanna cross him or play chess with him. Filthy rich, and incredibly powerful.”


Kelli: “He’s just doing what he’s got to do? He sounds like one of those villains you can’t help but cheer for, You know?”



Chad: “Yeah, he’s really charismatic. And well, sometimes the world takes those kinds of people, you know, to get things done.”


Kelli: “Season 3 premieres tonight, is that right?




You’ve got a new movie that’s just premiered at SXSW, ‘The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster’?


Chad: “Yeah, it’s brilliant…brilliant. The Angry Black and Her Monster is an incredibly important film because it adroitly takes on the literal horror of growing up in a marginalized community and blends it with the prerequisite gore and social injustice overtones, and unapologetically confronts the issues of our times while honoring the classic Frankenstein story. And yet not for one minute do you not realize how the deck is stacked against marginalized people of color.”


Kelli: “It sounds like a powerful film. I’ll have to watch it. We need more voices in films, voices of all colors and backgrounds to tell their stories.


Right. Do you know when that should be coming?”


Chad: “Its premiere date will be announced this week. But we’re also doing a festival in New Orleans, a Festival in Boston, and then hopefully, it will be released soon.”


Kelli: “I look forward to seeing it. And seeing what you do in the future.”


The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster centers on a girl, Vicaria (Laya DeLeon Hayes), an anti-hero who is on a desperate quest to cure death. Coleman stars as the girl’s father, Donald. The film was both written and directed by Bomani J. Story and is getting rave reviews on its festival tour.


Be sure to check out “Superman & Louis” and The Angry Balck Girl and Her Monster! You can find “The Orville” streaming on both Hulu and Disney+. If you are a fan of the dramatic and love police dramas, you HAVE to watch “The Wire,” it is absolutely fantastic! Head over to HBO Max and check it out!


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