10 Benefits Of Watching Horror Movies

March 27, 2023

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

Horror movies can make us scream with fear, but they might just be good for our well-being! We love to indulge in the thrilling suspense these films provide and may even ignore warnings from those closest to us. But while we get a much-needed adrenaline rush and gain an appreciation of life’s fragility during this experience, horror movies could also possess some unexpected benefits, such as providing stress relief or improving one’s mental strength. Although it sounds a little strange, there are certain horror movie benefits. So let go of your fears and immerse yourself into the world beyond reason – there is more than meets the eye when it comes to watching terror flicks!


#1 Rapid mood recovery


Horror movies may induce fear in us initially, but a sociologist reveals that the feeling of terror can actually result in an improved mood. After experiencing frightful images and scenes, we often feel happier as our negative emotions have been thoroughly aroused!



#2 Burning extra calories


Get ready for a chilling and calorie-burning experience – watching horror movies! Believe it or not, sitting through a 90-minute fright fest can burn up to 200 calories. Go ahead and give this spine-tingling activity a try: scream as loud as you want while also burning off those pesky pounds!



#3 Stress management


Looking for a way to momentarily escape the stresses of life? Try some horror movies! They can be just what you need to temporarily disconnect and get lost in another, more thrilling world. Scary movies surprisingly quickly draw you in, allowing you to escape from everyday problems, and it does not matter at all whether you are watching a movie at home or at the cinema. True, when watching online, it can be a little disappointing if the film is not available in your region. But this is fixable with VPN for Chrome. All you need is to install a free VPN app. By installing one of the best VPN services – VeePN, you can bypass any blocking, ensure the security of your data, guarantee anonymity on the network, and protect yourself from intruders. It’s better to use a VPN on a regular basis and not just when watching movies.


#4 Immune system boost


Can you believe it? Watching horror movies can actually have positive health benefits. A thrilling film experience not only raises your heart rate and gets the adrenaline pumping, but a spike in blood circulation also boosts immunity for a short time too!




#5 Stimulation of brain activity


When you watch a horror movie, your brain is treated to an adrenaline-fueled ride. Neurotransmitters are released that increase your attention and alertness, making the experience all the more intense!



#6 Developing fear confrontation skills


Horror movies often give us more than mere chills and jolts. They can act as powerful lessons in conquering fear, helping to build emotional resilience against real-life dangers by putting them into perspective: no amount of frightful monsters on the silver screen will ever stand a chance up against our courage!



#7 Strengthening relationships


Nothing brings people together like a good scare! Get cozy with your family, friends, and loved ones this weekend by watching some horror films. With someone to hold on to during the suspenseful parts, you’ll create an unforgettable movie night full of excitement!



 #8 Help in solving real problems


Horror movies can offer more than just jump scares – they may provide viewers with the tools necessary to tackle their fears in real life. By watching horror films, we are able to hone our problem-solving skills and become better prepared for unexpected obstacles that come our way.



#9 Development of survival instinct


Horror movies are more than just chilling spectacles – they can also be a source of inspiration. Through the struggles that many iconic horror characters go through, we learn about the power of perseverance and courage in spite of overwhelming odds. It is this emotional journey that keeps us coming back for more as we root for our heroes to make it out alive!



#10 An escape from real life


Anxiety can be a relentless loop of worry, and its triggers seem impossible to outrun. Yet horror movies offer an intriguing alternative; by providing us with clear-cut threats and storylines that are absorbing but predictable at the same time, these films have the power to keep our minds off whatever it is we’re anxious about. In fact, engaging in such entertainment forces us into focusing on just one central element – like zombies or monsters on screen! Best part? It has no bearing whatsoever upon reality – allowing viewers struggling with anxiety some much-needed reprieve from their own thoughts.





From providing an adrenaline rush and a sense of escapism to boosting the immune system and strengthening relationships, horror movies can be surprisingly beneficial. So next time you get invited to a scary movie night – don’t forget to bring popcorn! You never know what sort of positive effects it might have. Just remember to watch with caution – some movies can evoke more negative feelings than positive ones.


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