Movie Review: Lycan Colony (2006) – Visual Vengeance Blu-ray

February 25, 2024

Written by DanXIII

Daniel XIII; the result of an arcane ritual involving a King Diamond album, a box of Count Chocula, and a copy of Swank magazine, is a screenwriter, director, producer, actor, artist, and reviewer of fright flicks…Who hates ya baby?

A child is cornered by hunters before being rescued by a large, wolf-like creature (I could have just said werewolf, but I like making shit hard on myself) who rips them hombres a new asshole real speedy-like!

Next up we meet Dr. Dan (Bill Sykes); a former hot-shot surgeon/drunk, now self-exiled to a small rural town where he is allowed to practice medicine as long as he attends local AA meetings.

Along the way, his son Stewart (Ryan O Roy) is bitten by an overly-horny townie girl, Sarah (Libby Collins), and before long turns real hairy… and fang-y… because unbeknownst to Dan’s family, he has escaped his troubles only to find himself doctoring smack-dab in the middle of a town of werewolves… werewolves who mostly want to live in peace with humanity… but of course there is a certain number among them that are more than happy to use human’s as cattle… chief among them pub owner Zev (Steve Pascucci who definitely owns his villainous role).

Enter: Special Forces operative Doug (Bill Finley) and his equally ass-kicking sister Russ (Gretchen Weisiger)… who’s search for their missing father has led them to Zev’s establishment… which is also unbelievably patronized by Dr. Dan and his AA sponsor/shape-changer par excellence Dave (Sean Burgoyne)… where they soon learn their father is the meat that tastes so sweet in Zev’s Place!

Before long it falls on the shoulders of Russ and Dave, along with Lycan witch Athena (Kristi Lynn who is a highlight here and seems to be having a great time) to put an end to Zev’s ravenous rampage!

Oh, and a cereal eating monkey shows up.

Is Lycan Colony the most polished cinematic experience that you will ever lay your eerie eyeballs upon? Nope. Does that matter? In my highly trained, educated opinion… “Hell fuckin’ no!”

Writer/director Rob Roy certainly has his heart in the right place here; he provides plenty of imaginative mythology for his terror tale, the soundtrack is rockin’, there are creative shots attempted… the only “negative” is, the dude is learning as he goes.

To that end, scenes run a bit long, sometimes green screen is utilized to place actors into environments they were at one time actually in, the effects and animation can be crude… all stuff you learn to finesse as experience is gained.

That being said the werewolves look a bit like those in Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers, articulated masks on sparsely hair covered bodies, with one full-on werewolf costume utilized for the finale. The former is more successful than the latter, but honestly the fact any of this was achieved on a film of this size is impressive.

Also impressive is the love Visual Vengeance have given Lycan Colony by providing a host of special features that take us through the film’s production and more!

First up we get a duo of audio commentaries; one by Rob Roy that details everything that went into bringing the film to life, and the other provided by B&S About Movie’s Sam Panico and Drive-In Asylum’s Bill Van Ryn who offer up the fan’s perspective of the picture.

Following that we get an interview with Roy, the Rifftrax version of the film, a blooper reel, and a music video.

Bringing up the rear are a duo of trailers (original and Visual Vengeance produced respectively).

The package also includes a limited edition, Lycan Colony branded ‘New Hampshire Forest Scent’ air freshener, a video store inspired sticker sheet, a folded mini-poster, liner notes (provided by Panico), and a reversible sleeve.


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