TWISTED METAL Revival Rumors Heat Back Up!

February 25, 2024

Written by Joshua Scafidi


Just saying the two words TWISTED METAL brings a certain, childish nostalgia to the faces of PlayStation gamers everywhere. Well, at least to the faces of the ones my age, it does. It absolutely hooked my group of friends when it came out. It’s primal carnage, brought to life by PlayStation’s ground breaking graphics and fitted into our teenaged hands, was certainly a glory to behold.

Okay, maybe you had to be there, but the charm of the longstanding franchise can be broken down quite simply. Blowing up your friends is fun as hell. In 1995, the original game spawned not only a mega franchise that lasted until 2012, but also a flurry of try-hard carbon copies. Fans are clamoring for a new entry in the series. It’s been absent for so long, that it’s easy to see why.

Whispers of TWISTED METAL returning to the video game world have swirled around for years. There’s no doubt that avid fans are aware of this. Well, recently, the rumor mill has kicked back up into high gear.

VGC journalist Jordan Miller, while chatting over on X about PlayStation franchises that could use a new life, seemed to indicate that the wait could soon be over. This, of course, is to be taken with a grain of salt. VGC has been reliable in the past, though.

While TWISTED METAL as a video game hasn’t seen an entry since 2012, the franchise has seen somewhat of a revival lately. This is all due to the Peacock series of the same name, starring Anthony Mackie. In fact, after a rather successful first season, the show is gearing up for a season two! Anthony Mackie is hilarious in the lead role as John Doe. Alongside him is the fiery, and very ironically named, Quiet, played by Stephanie Beatriz (Modern Family). You can check out our coverage on what we know so far about the second season here!

We’ll keep you posted on a release date for season two of the show, and on any updates in the video game world. Until then, one can always hope. After all, everybody loves a good comeback story!


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