Post-Apocalyptic Game ‘City 20’ Get Early Access

City 20 game

February 25, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Untold Games, a name synonymous with innovative titles, is stepping into the desolate landscape of the post-apocalypse with their upcoming project, City 20. This isn’t your typical survival sim. City 20 promises a deep, systemic experience where your choices ripple through a community clinging to existence within a sealed-off settlement.

A World Steeped in European Speculative Fiction:

Imagine the haunting atmosphere of “Stalker,” the bleak beauty of “The Road,” and the introspective melancholy of “La Jetee” blended into a single, immersive world. City 20 draws inspiration from these European speculative fiction classics. While creating a unique aesthetic and narrative depth rarely seen in the genre.

More Than Just Survival:

Keeping your citizens alive is paramount, but City 20 goes beyond basic resource management. Each resident has their motivations and relationships, forming a complex social web that reacts to your every decision. Be a benevolent leader, fostering trust and cooperation, or succumb to the harsh realities, ruling with an iron fist – the choice is yours, and the consequences are profound.

Emergent Narratives Unfold:

Forget linear storylines. This game thrives on emergent gameplay. Every action, from resource allocation to diplomacy, carries weight. Witness the ripple effects of your choices as the city becomes a living entity, adapting and evolving based on your leadership. No two playthroughs will be the same. This ensures a fresh and captivating experience each time you venture into the ruins.

A Reactive Sandbox:

The world of City 20 is intricately interconnected. Hunt too much wildlife, and predators might stalk closer. Disrupt the water supply, and desperation will fester. Every action reacts, forcing you to consider your approach in this fragile ecosystem carefully.

Unravel the mysteries of the cataclysm that shattered this city, forge alliances with diverse factions, and perhaps even lead your people toward a glimmer of hope in the desolate wasteland. The possibilities are as vast as the ruined cityscape itself.

Early Access Beckons:

City 20 is currently in Early Access on Steam, offering a chance to experience this unique world in its early stages. Join the development journey, provide feedback, and witness the evolution of this ambitious project from Untold Games. Whether you’re a fan of deep simulations, captivating narratives, or the haunting beauty of dystopian fiction, City 20 promises an experience unlike any other.

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