Blumhouse Reviving ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Franchise with New Movie

My Bloody Valentine 2024

May 26, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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There’s one horror franchise that never really got the love it deserves: the My Bloody Valentine franchise. Lucky for us, horror powerhouse Blumhouse is reviving the franchise with a brand-new installment, Bloody-Disgusting has reported.

The original 1981 slasher, known for its brutal kills, captivated audiences with its story of a vengeful miner terrorizing a town on Valentine’s Day. In the 2009 sequel, My Bloody Valentine 3D attempted to recapture the magic. It’s been 15 years since Harry Warden, the pickaxe-wielding maniac, last stalked the screen, and it’s about time we saw his return.

Despite a passionate fanbase, the My Bloody Valentine franchise never reached its full potential. Blumhouse, known for chilling reboots like Halloween and The Invisible Man, seems determined to change that. And for that, we’re thankful. One thing is sure: Blumhouse’s new installment promises to be a thrilling addition to the slasher genre. Get ready for chills, suspense, and a killer with a pickaxe to grind this Valentine’s Day (or perhaps sooner)!

Here’s a look back at both the 1981 trailer for the brutal original movie directed by George Mihalka and the sequel. You can now stream My Bloody Valentine on MGM+ free with a subscription. The 2009 sequel, My Bloody Valentine 3D, starring “Supernatural” actor Jensen Ackles, can be found streaming free on Tubi, Prime Video, Roku, and Pluto.



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