First Plot Details Surface for the Upcoming ‘Jurassic’ Sequel

Jurassic World 4

June 15, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Fans of the Jurassic Park/World franchise have been begging for news about the upcoming sequel. Today, we finally have some; details have begun to trickle in, revealing the first plot details.

Director Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is taking the reins for this untitled sequel, promising a “completely fresh take” on the Jurassic universe. Details are scarce, but the story reportedly follows three adults and three teenagers stranded on “the island.”

…a completely fresh take launching a new Jurassic era, following three adults and three teens getting stuck on the Island.

Speculation abounds about this mysterious island. Could it be a return to the ravaged Isla Nublar or Isla Sorna, the infamous Site B? The filmmakers are keeping their cards close to their chest, but hopefully, soon, we will know more.

Production is set to begin in Thailand, with additional filming planned in Malta and the UK. Malta’s inclusion is particularly intriguing, as it was a filming location for Jurassic World: Dominion and could hint at a return to the black market dinosaur trade.

While plot details remain under wraps, rumors suggest Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Bailey, and Rupert Friend might be the stranded adults. DeWanda Wise‘s Kayla Watts, who has experience navigating dinosaur-filled territories, could also be a possibility.

The good news is that the sequel already has a release date, even though it is going to be a bit of a wait. It’s slated to open in theaters on  July 2nd, 2025.

With more questions than answers, Jurassic World: 4 has sparked fans’ imaginations. While we wait for more details, Jurassic World: Chaos Theory” on Netflix offers a thrilling adventure in the meantime. Stay tuned for future updates on this exciting new chapter in the Jurassic saga!

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