Trailer: Kyle Gallner Stars in Serial Killer Horror ‘Strange Darling’

Kyle Gallner

June 20, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Kyle Gallner, who gave amazing performances in The Haunting in Connecticut, The Passenger, and Smile and will star in the upcoming sequel, Smile 2, has moved on to his next role. Gallner will next star in the upcoming horror thriller Strange Darling whose trailer has just arrived.

Gallner takes on a terrifying role in this gripping film from writer-director JT Mollner. Mollner’s previous work includes Outlaws and Angels. He’s also slated to helm an adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Long Walk.”

Strange Darling, which follows the last days of a serial killer, premiered at Fantastic Fest in 2023 to rave reviews and currently boasts a flawless 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This “cat-and-mouse thriller” promises to be a must-watch for horror fans.

Strange Darling is a Miramax production shot on 35mm film by Emmy-nominated cinematographer Giovanni Ribisi. Ribisi also serves as a producer and even makes a cameo appearance. Executive producers include industry veterans like Bill Block (former Miramax CEO), and Roy Lee, the producers behind the genre hit Late Night with the Devil.

Willa Fitzgerald (“Scream” series) co-stars as the female lead opposite Gallner’s demonic character. The supporting cast includes Barbara Hershey, Ed Begley Jr., and Madison Beaty.

Distributed by Magenta Lights Studios, Strange Darling opens in theaters on August 23rd, 2024. Mark your calendars and prepare for a chilling cinematic encounter!

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