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Movie Review: ‘Werewolf’ Is Dark, Gripping, And Simply Brilliant

    I watch and report on a lot of movies, horrors, and thrillers, but it’s not often that I come across one that truly affects me. That’s exactly what the Polish film Werewolf did.   Let’s start with the trailer and the film’s synopsis which gave away some detail but was able to keep […]

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Movie Review: ‘The Dark And The Wicked’ From The Filmmaker That Brought Us ‘The Strangers’

    The Dark and the Wicked is set on a rural farm and centers on an adult brother and sister come to visit their sick father only to realize that something is wrong with their mother as well.   It’s slow out of the gate but picks up speed, turning from a dark family […]

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the owners

Movie Review: ‘The Owners’ Is Everything A Horror Movie Should Be

    You hear the name, Maisie Williams, and your ears perk up. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know just how talented the “Game of Thrones” actress is. So, as a fan when I heard that Williams was starring in Julius Berg’s new film The Owners I was chomping at the bit […]

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relic family

Movie Review: ‘Relic’ Tackles The Horrors Of Dementia In Unique, Terrifying Way

    Normally, when I review a movie I try not to give away too many spoilers. This time, I feel like it’s necessary to do the movie justice. Consider this a warning. Directed by Natalie Erika James who co-wrote the film with Christian White, Relic‘s official synopsis reads as: “A daughter, mother, and grandmother […]

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Two Heads Creek - 1

Movie Review: ‘Two Heads Creek’ Is Horror Comedy Done Right

    When I sat down to watch writer-director Jesse O’Brien’s Two Heads Creek I didn’t know what to really expect. The sad truth is that horror-comedies rarely live up to expectations or their PR campaigns. However, Two Heads Creek is a rare exception. The UK/Aussie film is about a brother and sister who discover […]

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