‘Tales From The Hood’ Getting A Sequel After 22 Years!



Back in 1995 Rusty Cundieff’s anthology,  Tales From the Hood was released. While we have seen plenty of anthologies since none have captured Tales From the Hood‘s unique flavor. However, is about to change, after 22 years the movie is finally getting a sequel! I know, it’s awesome, right?



The news came via writer/director Rusty Cundieff’s Twitter account in a now-deleted tweet on January 5, 2018, that said, “In New Orleans Location scouting for Tales From The Hood 2 This is part of Anne Rice’s old Home and where she held her LeStat parties.”

He confirmed the film again earlier tonight in a tweet which reads, “Can’t scream it but…yeah…” and featured an image from the original movie.



Cundieff has had several projects since Tales From the Hood was released including directing episodes of  ‘Chappelle’s Show’, ‘The Hustle’, and the comedy series ‘Black Jesus’.


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